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Lilo The Corgi (and the Denver Nuggets) for the win!

Lilo The Corgi (and the Denver Nuggets) for the win!

The Denver Nuggets aren’t the only ones celebrating their big win as the 2023 NBA champions. Lilo, TikTok’s famous basketball-loving corgi, is also in celebration mode after correctly predicting they would win.

Shortly after the Nuggets won the series over the Miami Heat 94-89, Lilo’s owner shared a TikTok video of how the adorable, short-legged pup celebrated the night away.

Lilo The Corgi accurately predicted the Nuggets would be the champions!

lilo the corgi
Aircorg – TikTok

Lilo’s owner Denny Ku shared the corgi’s NBA Finals prediction on TikTok in late May. She predicted Nuggets in six.

While she was right about who our champions will be, she only missed one game. Nuggets in 5! She also seemed to have a day off missing a lot of shots, which made some fans think it would be a crazy series filled with ups and downs.

In a follow-up video, shared just a day later, Lilo’s prediction was recapped without all the hiccups and it appeared in the comments section that many fans disagreed with the puppy’s prediction and thought that the Heat would win.

lilo the corgi
Aircorg – TikTok

“We see history either way, an 8th seed winning a final or Nugs winning 1st time and Nikola breaking the corgi curse,” one follower wrote in the comments to the follow-up video.

Another person added: “This dog is going to be right, I call him now.”

And Lilo ended up being right!

Lilo celebrated her NBA Big Win style!

lilo the corgi
Aircorg – TikTok

Shortly after the Nuggets captured the championship and celebrated their big win, Lilo also celebrated (since she technically had a paw in it.)

A video showing how she celebrated has the words, “When you pick the nuggets to win, you’re in on the champagne celebration,” at the top. And the caption says:Congratulations to @DenverNuggets for making our NBA championship pick a reality.🔥”

@aircorg Congratulations to the @Denver Nuggets for making our NBA championship pick a reality 🔥 #NBAFinalsonABC #nbafinals #nbachamps #basketball #denver #nuggets ♬ NBA on ESPN Theme Song

“Does it right when it’s important for the dog to know,” one follower wrote.

Another added: “It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Congratulations to the 2023 NBA Champions – The Denver Nuggets!

The Denver Nuggets celebrate their 2023 NBA title
ESPN – TikTok

The Nuggets made franchise history on Monday night as NBA champions for the very first time! And not only did they win the championship for the first time, but it was the first time the team qualified for the NBA Finals.

The Nuggets finished the regular season with a 53-29 record, which is the best record in the Western Conference. They beat the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs. They also swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Of course, such an exciting season ahead in an even more exciting league for the Nuggets meant celebrations were in order, and star player Nikola Jokic made sure it would be a good time. In the pool of the team they went! Jokic threw Jamal Murray into the pool fully clothed, shoes and all, even still holding his bottle of champagne.

Congratulations, Denver Nuggets! And of course, congratulations to Lilo the NBA-loving pup! Take advantage of the off-season!

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