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Lala Kent Admits She’s ‘Coming Back’ To Date Again, Will Use THIS Dating App

Lala Kent Admits She’s ‘Coming Back’ To Date Again, Will Use THIS Dating App

Lala Kent appears to have had a change of heart about returning to the dating scene years after ending her relationship with Randall Emmett, who was unfaithful during their relationship.

Despite previously expressing her disinterest in ever getting back into a relationship, the widely regarded media personality happily let her fans know about her new “dating” update. She also revealed a dating app she wouldn’t mind using, thanks to its secure and transparent features, which she said was also a suitable solution for those who had just come out of toxic relationships.

Lala Kent plans to use Bumble as she returns to dating

Lala Kent at the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party

In a recent Instagram Story post, Kent let the world know she’s ready to have romance in her life again. She disclosed this during a Q&A session in response to a fan asking for advice on returning to dating after breaking up a “toxic relationship”.

The ‘Give Them Lala’ author looks well made up, with no hair out of place, said, “I love this question because it reminds me that I’m not the only one who’s a little nervous about dip my toe back into the dating pond.”

She continued: “I am absolutely not opposed to a dating app. I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not ready to date yet. I come around to you guys, and I would use Bumble because I like that it’s very feminine.

Kent explained that she also liked the steps taken by the app to ensure security, which made it the only dating app she would use. “So that’s what I want to do,” she concluded. “This is the next account I will set up.”

In a second Story post, she shared another reason for her love for Bumble, calling the app a “no-brainer” while revealing her longtime relationship with the founder’s sister in Utah since she was 13 years old. In her words, “I also have a bit of a personal connection because Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe, I work with because I was best friends with her younger sister Danny.”

In a supplementary question, a fan asked for the “biggest lesson” she learned from her traumatic past relationship. Using a photo of herself carrying her baby girl, Ocean, as her background, Kent wrote, “Recently I learned that my trauma is not a superpower.”

Lala Kent

She added: “I would like to start my healing process in an appropriate way, so that I don’t project too much. It’s time. Wish me good luck.” Last month, the “Vanderpump Rules” alum opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Emmett, saying he not only broke her heart, but also destroyed her confidence as an actress.

During a frank conversation With the Los Angeles Times, the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star opened up about her failed romance with the director, saying she first noticed his weird behaviors behind closed doors but wanted their relationship to work.

Recalling several harrowing moments in their relationship, Kent shared that her self-esteem was deeply affected and it trickled down to her acting career. The heartbreaking case caused her to stop looking for work because she believed people in Hollywood wouldn’t take her seriously.

Kent, who only starred in several Emmett movies alongside Bruce Willis and Al Pacino before they split, shares, “Now it’s like, ‘They were right. I was sleeping with the right guy. It’ll take me a minute to come back and say, ‘Do I have talent?’ Right now, working with these legends, it was amazing. But now he just feels dirty.

The Give Them Lala founder marked a year of no relationship with her ex-fiancé

Regardless of the trauma of her relationship with Emmett, the 32-year-old is beyond grateful to be free. Kent had something huge to celebrate last October when she marked the one year anniversary of her split from Emmett using a beautiful post on her Instagram story.

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent at the special screening of

She also uploaded a touching photo of a silhouette of herself carrying Ocean as they stood on the beach, soaking up the natural scenery.

Kent began by wishing himself “Happy Independence Day” before recounting: “A year ago today I had my ducks in a row, and it was time to execute my game plan to escape in a toxic and dangerous place.”

She admitted that even telling her story on the day of the celebration made her heart race, but luckily she knew that God and the universe had her back, which she would always be grateful for.

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