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Kim Cattrall CONFIRMS her comeback in “And just like that”

Kim Cattrall CONFIRMS her comeback in “And just like that”

Kim Cattrall is BACK for some “Samantha Jones” action!

The actress confirmed the exciting news less than 24 hours after it emerged.

Thursday, May 31st, reports began to circulate that she would be reprising her role as Jones in the second season of “And Just Like That”. It was reported by The post office that Jones will make a brief “cliffhanger” appearance during the finale.

Kim Cattrall confirms her return as Samantha Jones

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The news of his return was extremely quiet on set, with many staff members left stunned when they found out about his retaliation.

Now, there is no doubting or wondering if the news is true, as Cattrall herself has confirmed the news.

She shared Variety article titled “‘Sex and the City’ Shocker: Kim Cattrall To Return as Samantha Jones with ‘And Just Like That’ cameo.”

Famous fans rejoice at Cattrall’s confirmation!

She captioned the post shared on June 1st“Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈🌈.”

Kris Jenner commented: “FABULOUS!!!!!! 💛🧡❤️.”

Katie Couric wrote: “YES QUEEEEEN 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.”

“Everything Iconic” podcast host, Danny Pellegrino, commented, “❤️🙌 thank you!!!!”

By Variety report, Cattrall will only appear in one scene and it was filmed on March 22n/a. She recorded her dialogue without seeing or speaking to her former co-stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis.

Cattrall has had no contact with Sarah Jessica Parker and other co-stars

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She also reportedly didn’t speak to “AJLT” showrunner Michael Patrick King.

According to the outlet, Cattrall’s cameo scene will show Samantha, who in the series has moved to London, having a phone conversation with Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw.

In the first season of “And Just Like That”, Carrie chatted with her estranged friend via text, and in the finale the two planned to see each other in order to reconcile.

This new cameo was an absolute shock and delight for “Sex And The City” fans.

Cattrall had a tumultuous relationship with his main co-stars on the show, and their differing opinions led Cattrall to leave the franchise for good.

Cattrall and SJP have a reported years-long feud

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of 'And Just Like That'

She doesn’t have the best relationship with Parker, King and her other co-stars.

Back in February, King explained that Cattrall was essentially blacklisted never to return to the franchise.

In a 2022 interview with Variety, King explained why fans will never see Samantha on the show.

When asked if he would keep the door open at Cattrall, he replied: “No. Just as we never thought Kim would ever participate in And just like thatbecause she said what she said.

King went on to say that he was firm in his stance that fans shouldn’t expect to ever see Cattrall on the show.

On location with the cast of "Sex and the City 2" in NYC-September 2009

“The only place I participate in wishful thinking is in fiction,” he said. “You take people at their word and you’re a smart producer – you don’t back yourself into a corner. Magical thinking, it’s great to have Samantha. I don’t expect Kim Cattrall to ever reappear.”

Since the original show ended in 2004, rumors began circulating that the relationship between Cattrall and her castmates was highly volatile.

In 2017, the actress did an interview with British anchor Piers Morgan. She made some very poignant comments about SJP, the show, and her future as Samantha.

When news of a “SATC 3” movie started making headlines, it was revealed that it was not being made due to Cattrall’s “demands” cutting the movie off.

However, Cattrall told Piers a very different story.

YouTube video player

She revealed that she had said “NO” to a third movie for over a year before SJP went public with their side of the story, which painted a horrific picture of Cattrall.

“Nobody ever picks up the phone and tries to contact you and say, ‘How are you?’ That would have been the way to handle it,” Cattrall shared, suggesting that SJP isn’t the only co-star to blame for the breakup. “It’s, it feels like a toxic relationship.”

Cattrall also went on to say, “I think she [Sarah Jessica] could have been nicer. I don’t know what his problem is.

The second season of “And Just Like That” will air on June 22 Maxn/a.

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