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Kevin Costner’s Wife Refuses To Leave Marital Home Amid Missing Money Accusations

Kevin Costner’s Wife Refuses To Leave Marital Home Amid Missing Money Accusations

Kevin Costner is in what could be a long battle with his ex-wife, Christine Costner. She refuses to leave their home.

Kevin Costner is stuck

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The actor is currently in the throes of a contentious split with Christine. He demanded that she leave her home, but he says she is not moving. She flatly refuses to go. The only problem is that, according to what is probably an ironclad prenup, she has to leave.

According Speed ​​cameras online, Kevin has obtained Laura Wasser as legal counsel, and she asks the courts to inform Christine that she is required to leave the premises, whether she wants to or not. The prenup says she had 30 days to leave once the relationship ended.

Kevin, through his lawyer, informed the courts that Christine was the one who filed for divorce on May 1 and that she had not yet moved despite “multiple requests that she do and despite the Kevin’s offers to help him financially move to a new residence.” .”

Christine Costner is holding on

Kevin Costner apos s wife Christine Baumgartner receives LOVE therapy while shopping without his wedding ring at Loveworn in Santa Barbara

Christine clarified that she has “taken the position that she will not leave Kevin’s separate residence unless and until Kevin agrees to various financial demands.” She is supposed to have enough money to move.

Kevin claims he has been paying child support to his almost ex-wife since the divorce papers were filed. Additionally, a payment of $1 million was made per prenup and another $200,000 was paid earlier in their marriage.

Kevin also covers his child support base. He shares three minor children with Christine. This is the world famous actor’s second marriage.

Kevin Costner covered the kids

Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain seen filming quot Molly apos s Game quot in Central Park New York City

Through his lawyer, he informed the courts that he had made a “comprehensive offer for temporary child support and honoraria, that he had accepted and maintained the financial status quo since the filing of the petition. , continuing to pay all the expenses of the children in the parties, and he negotiates a schedule of summer visits for the three teenagers in the parties.

Wasser supported his client. “Kevin acted in good faith and did everything in his power to make the transition as seamless as possible. But Christine continues to refuse to leave her separate property residence, as she agreed she would in 2004 as a condition of marriage.

Kevin is not dumb; he has a lot of money, so of course he would have a prenup which would be quite difficult to crack. Wasser confirmed it.

Laura Wasser defends her client

Angelina Jolie apos s divorce lawyer Laura Wasser goes to Madeo restaurant for dinner

The powerhouse attorney spoke about the actor’s decades-long career and his need to protect himself and his assets.

“Securing his right to access his separate residences in the event of a divorce was an important priority for Kevin. Kevin was married once before and upon his separation found himself homeless and unable to live in his own house,” she explains of her client’s attachment to his home.

Wasser continues. “He never wanted this to happen again. Due to the nature of his job, Kevin often works out of town. it was and therefore remains particularly important to him that when he is at home he has a home to go to.

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