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Kevin Costner pays over a million dollars to appease his ex-wife, Christine

Kevin Costner pays over a million dollars to appease his ex-wife, Christine

Divorce from Kevin Costner does not go smoothly. It costs the actor a lot of money. His ex-wife, Christine Coster, cash.

Kevin Costner paid over a million

Kevin Costner is all smiles as he tips the valet

So far, the veteran actor has seen money fly out of his bank account. According to the prenuptial agreement Costner and Costner made before they got married, Kevin kept his end of the bargain.

He claims he has already paid $1 million since Christine filed in May. “I paid Christine $1 million,” he said in a court filing. Court documents obtained by Radar Online also indicate that as part of the prenuptial agreement, I pay Christine $100,000 at the time of the wedding and $100,000 on the first anniversary of our marriage.

Kevin says $200,000 was quickly paid to Christine early in their marriage and they were a long way from divorcing.

Christine Costner took in $1.4 million

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Kevin Costner pointed out in court that he had already paid Christine a colossal sum and that the divorce was not yet finalized. Christine now has approximately $1,450,000 at her disposal, which she can use at her discretion, including finding alternative accommodation.

THE Yellowstone star also accuses his ex-wife of stealing even more money. “Since April 2023, Christine has withdrawn from my bank account and charged my credit card a total of $95,000, payable to her divorce attorney and forensic accountant,” he wrote.

Kevin’s statement continues. “It was done without any notice.” This disturbs the famous actor; he was upset enough to take it to court. This back-and-forth money and other issues indicate that this divorce could be a struggle.

Christine Costner filed for divorce

The star's wife

It wasn’t Kevin who wanted out of the wedding; it seems; Christine filed for divorce from Kevin after 18 years of marriage. Twenty-one days before, she had separated from Kevin. Kevin claims that not only is Christine not leaving the house they have shared for several years, but that she is also actively violating the prenup.

“Kevin is simply asking Christine to honor her commitments to him by leaving his separate property.” Kevin’s attorney, Laura Wasser, said the prenup is ironclad, so even if Christine waits, she’ll likely have to leave by the time the divorce is finalized.

Kevin also reminded the courts that he gave Christine enough money to leave the house.

Christine Costner thinks she has a chance

Kevin Costner at the premiere of

When the mother-of-three filed her divorce papers, she said “the extent of the separate property assets and debts is unknown,” as if they had property to share equally. But Kevin replied that the prenup they mention again is “ironclad” and will define how the property and the house will be divided.

As for the three kids they share, Kevin writes, “He continued to pay 100% of the kids’ expenses. Kevin will stipulate the retroactivity of any child support orders when Christine leaves the property.

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