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Keith Lee speaks out on reaction to restaurant owner’s critics

Keith Lee speaks out on reaction to restaurant owner’s critics

Popular TikTok food critic Keith Lee recently gave his honest take on the food at Orlando-based restaurant Chicken Fire. His lower ratings prompted the establishment’s owner, Kwame Boakye, to respond via TikTok video, and now Lee has posted his response.

Keith Lee shared his thoughts on how the Chicken Fire owner handled his recent exam

Keith Lee
Keith Lee – TikTok

Lee explained in his response video that the Chicken Fire team asked him to visit and review the food several times.

“I paid for my food. I gave my opinion as I had said. But now, after the exam, you repeatedly say my opinion doesn’t matter,” Lee said.

The video then cuts to a clip of Boakye where he said, “No one’s opinion can change what we do. So absolutely 100,000% don’t care about anyone’s criticism, including Keith Lee’s.

Lee then continues his response, saying that when the two met in person, Boakye told him he wanted “whatever Lee’s true and honest opinion is.”

“You want my honest opinion, but my opinion doesn’t matter. You posted multiple videos on your account and your professional account,” Lee continued. “As well as a full 18 minute video.”

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After the review, Lee then shared a snippet of what some of the kitchen staff were saying that the owner didn’t share in his TikTok videos.

“In my original video, as always, I stated that was my only opinion,” Lee said. “While I fully agree that my opinion should never be the end or be all, and that people should experience it for themselves if they wish, I am not a fan the fact that you repeatedly say that my opinion doesn’t matter at all and no matter what I say, it doesn’t matter because I was asked to come and I’m asked to give my opinion.

He went on to explain that this type of storytelling is tricky – if he gives a positive review, he is praised, but if he shows what is considered a negative review, his opinion does not matter – and in his eyes, “it’s not fair to me.”

Keith Lee at Chicken Fire
Keith Lee – TikTok

Lee further explained that he would not put his integrity on the line for anything or anyone.

“Even when it’s something I’m not a huge fan of, I do my best to be constructive and not be completely negative,” he continued. “What I sincerely believe I did in this situation.”

Lee also reminds everyone that he wishes no harm or negativity on anyone and asks his viewers not to leave hateful comments or anything negative about the restaurant.

He concluded his video by giving encouragement, success and positive thoughts towards Chicken Fire.

Keith Lee followers took to the comments to leave their thoughts

Keith Lee
Keith Lee – TikTok

Many of Lee’s loyal followers took to the comments section of the video response to share their thoughts on the situation.

“His response will hurt his business more than Keith’s advice,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Poor management, a bad attitude and a big ego will kill a business faster than anything anyone could say. Keep doing great things.

One person shared what they think is a better way to respond to a low rating. “Idk man, ‘we’re going to turn Keith’s 5/10 review into a 10/10 in the next few months and invite him back’ would have been a great marketing move.”

Another follower reminded Lee, “He cares what you think, hence the answer. Keep doing what you’re doing, Keith. 🥰”

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