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Katherine Schwarzenegger ‘couldn’t be prouder’ as daughter organizes spice drawer

Katherine Schwarzenegger ‘couldn’t be prouder’ as daughter organizes spice drawer

Since marrying acclaimed actor Chris Pratt in June 2019, Katherine Schwarzenegger has embraced her role as mother and wife with joy and grace.

Although she was born into the limelight as the daughter of celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, she has effortlessly charted her course in life and is enjoying her new family.

Proud mom Katherine Schwarzenegger celebrates her daughter’s organizational skills

Chris Pratt, star of

Schwarzenegger recently shared a heartwarming moment on social media. She expressed her joy and pride when her daughter Lyla, just two and a half years old, took the initiative to organize the family’s spice drawer.

The 33-year-old posted an overhead photo of Lyla in a pink long-sleeved shirt and her messy mane wrapped in a bun. The toddler can be seen tidying up next to a neatly and meticulously stored spice drawer, with the caption,

“Today I came around the corner from our kitchen to find my 2.5 year old organizing the spice drawer…. I couldn’t be more proud and also the genes are very strong 💁🏻‍ ♀️.”

The post drew positive responses from fans, with some praising Lyla’s skills and organizational abilities. “Reminds me of my daughter; When she was younger; she then and Now; organizes and coordinates the colors of everything and everything,” one comment read.

Several fans even jokingly asked Lyla’s expertise with their spice drawer, “Wow!” It is more than impressive! My spice drawer in Walnut Creek, CA could use some help…. one commented. Another comment read, “Send her! I could use his skills. 💗”

Others mentioned how Lyla takes after her meticulous mom, “Genes are strong for sho lol ❤️❤️❤️.” “Just like his mom! ❤️,” added another. Schwarzenegger, like many Hollywood mothers, is very involved with her children. She always strives to go above and beyond to be the coolest mom to her little ones.

Last December, she shared a snap with her million Instagram followers of herself and her daughters, Lyla and Eloise, wearing matching pajamas. In the uploaded photothe mum-of-two smiles proudly as she holds 7-month-old Eloise, whose face is turned away from the camera, while 2-year-old Lyla also stands next to her mum.

Katherine Schwarzenegger's Daughter Lyla Arranges Spice Drawer

The trio posed in front of a white wall, apparently near a doorway to their home, all dressed in cream cotton sweaters and pants. Captioning the photo, the New York Times bestselling author said, “Rock our coastal family grandma looks! 🤍 I’m just trying to be a cool mom and somehow dress up with my girls.

‘The GoodNightSister’ Author and Husband Declare Their Undying Love as They Celebrate Four Years Together

Schwarzenegger and her husband, Pratt, have always touted a strong family unit as one of Hollywood’s power couples.

In June, The Blast reported that the duo embarked on a romantic trip down memory lane to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary in style. They revisited the scenic San Ysidro Ranch in California, where they exchanged vows in 2019. It was a special occasion for the couple, marking their first night together in three years.

Pratt, 43, and Schwarzenegger, 33, took to Instagram to share their joy and love with their followers. Pratt posted a heartfelt selfie of the couple, expressing his gratitude for his wife and their milestone. He wrote, “Happy Birthday!! Mom and Dad for the first night in three years. Let’s go back to where we said, ‘I do!’ I love you darling.”

Schwarzenegger also shared their love and happiness on Instagram, uploading beautiful photos of their visit to this enchanting place. The images featured stunning flower arrangements and green landscapes, further adding to the romantic atmosphere. His caption read, “I came back to where it all happened. Happy birthday to my loving angel face. I love life with you.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger at the World Premiere of 'Avengers: Endgame'

During their visit, the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor surprised his wife with a beautiful bouquet and a heartfelt birthday card that expressed his love and best wishes for their special day.

In addition to Lyla and Eloise, the “Terminal List” actor has a son, Jack, with ex-wife Anna Faris.

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