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Kaley Cuoco Says Motherhood Wasn’t My ‘Goal’ Before Meeting Boyfriend Tom Pelphrey

Kaley Cuoco Says Motherhood Wasn’t My ‘Goal’ Before Meeting Boyfriend Tom Pelphrey

Love changed most things for Kaley Cuoco, especially her desire to be a mother!

Like any other career-focused woman, the ‘Flight Attendant’ star has always had her sights set on her career and didn’t want kids.

However, her desire for a child blossomed in an unexpected romantic change of events. This desire grew when she fell in love with her partner Tom Pelphrey. Keep reading to learn more.

Kaley Cuoco says having a baby wasn’t in her plans

While appearing on the cover of Emmy magazinethe ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star opened up about her new show, ‘Based On A True Stroy’, her love life and her new life as a mom.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey at the Love & Death TV series premiere at the Directors Guild of America on April 26, 2023 in Los Angeles

She revealed that “having a baby” was not part of her plans. However, her plans changed last year when she met her partner at a party for Netflix’s ‘Ozark’. The duo got the ball rolling on their affair, and within months, daughter Matilda was born.

Recalling her choices regarding motherhood, the actress said: “It wasn’t my goal. I dreamed of it as a child, but I got involved in my career. Then when we met, it was instant – “Oh my God, I want to have a child with you.”

Recounting how her life choices have changed, the 37-year-old actress said: “We both wanted it so badly which wasn’t what I thought my life would be like. I love my career and I want to continue living my life. But Tom came along and something changed.

She continued, “We’re not twenty, so we felt we probably couldn’t wait too long. Then we were so blessed – it happened right away.

With Cuoco’s booming belly, she knew she had to tell the show’s producer, and so devised a plan — she revamped her character perfectly. “I am like, ‘What if this character was pregnant?’ And they’re like, ‘Umm…’ And I’m like, ‘Think twice because maybe this is a great idea – and maybe it’s the only option.

Although the role of the character did not change, Matilda became a part of the series, playing the main role in it while she was in the womb. “What’s great is that you didn’t have to write it because you see it. You don’t have to talk about the baby because he’s a physical presence in every scene. It’s in your face, so to speak.

Kaley Cuoco and BF Tom Pelphrey happily welcome their daughter

Cuoco further stated that Matilda was born to be on screens. “It’s in his genes; I don’t know how she won’t,” Cuoco remarked. “The child already thinks she’s the star of everything,” the new mum said before recalling a scene where her baby kicked in the stomach, startling actress Ever Carradine.

Ahead of the interview, the Emmy-nominated actress posted footage from the film where her baby bump was evident. The photo captured a scene showing Cuoco and his co-star in an elevator. She captioned, “Matilda’s first lead role LOL.”

Tom Pelphrey raved about how good motherhood looks on his partner

While new mom Cuoco didn’t have motherhood in her plans, she’s already killing off her new role as a mom. His partner Pelphrey has already gushed that she is a cool mom.

He said, “Oh my God, that’s so cool. She’s so good at it, you know. It’s like all the qualities I love about Kaylee, multiplied by 100. She’s so funny, and she’s so nurturing, easygoing, playful, and loving. I mean so affectionate, you know, it’s beautiful.

The “Charmed” actress even took to social media to show she appreciates motherhood. A few days after welcoming her baby, she posted cute photos of her newborn on her Instagram stories.

The snap began with a shot of the newborn girl staring wide-eyed at the camera as the mother held her head. Another image showed the baby napping on the ‘Banshee’ actor’s chest at home.

Kaley Cuoco gushed about her daughter making her TV debut

The father-daughter duo looked good at home, and alongside the snap, the doting mum tagged her baby as a “daddy’s girl.” In another photo showing only the mother-daughter duo, Cuoco was cuddling her baby, smiling sweetly, while sitting on a gray sofa.

Cuoco also shared more cute baby updates. She informed her fans when her daughter took her first bath. Proud mom Cuoco posted a photo of her baby wrapped in her arms. Alongside the photo, the mother-of-one captioned: ‘When your first official bath makes you pretty cheeky.

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