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Justin Bieber feasts on his wife Hailey Bieber during a steamy cooking session

Justin Bieber feasts on his wife Hailey Bieber during a steamy cooking session

Hailey Bieber may be the chef of the house, but her adorable husband, Justin Bieber, is good at bringing warmth to the kitchen.

The celebrity couple have been making headlines ever since their relationship came to light. Following their surprising wedding in 2018, the dynamic duo have been shrouded in various speculations about their love life.

Despite the rumors and controversies, the couple continues to prove that their union is more vital than ever as time goes by. In her latest social media update, the Rhode Skincare founder displayed her beau’s adoration for her in an adorable video.

Justin Bieber kisses his wife Hailey in a steamy PDA session while she cooks

Taking to her Instagram Story, the stunning model shared a video of herself and her hubby in the kitchen. Considering they were at home, the couple were dressed casually in the clip, with the “Baby” singer sporting a white t-shirt that showed off the numerous tattoos on his neck.

Justin and Hailey Bieber take part in a PDA session while she cooks

Meanwhile, Hailey rocked a baggy red velvet top. The silk featured a plunging neckline that exposed the 26-year-old’s neck along with a bit of her chest. The ends of the socialite’s sleeves were stained with flour as the Tucson native worked on a batch of cinnamon rolls.

Close-up footage didn’t show the couple’s full outfit as it stopped at the kitchen counter. The worktop was covered in flour, while a baking dish housed several tasty cinnamon rolls that the model prepared to bake.

As the beauty mogul worked to mold one of the treats in her flour-covered manicured hands, her husband offered his support by kissing the chef gently on his cheek. The “Yummy” artist enjoyed the taste of his wife’s skin as he continued to kiss her with his lips.

Although the romantic gesture wasn’t enough to distract the blonde beauty from her baking process, the 26-year-old flashed a warm smile as her beau worked to fill her with his love. Hailey captioned the touching moment with a white heart emoji, needing no words to explain the emotions viewers could see.

The couple’s PDA moment came weeks after the duo warmed fans’ hearts with a goofy moment from their summer vacation. On Hailey’s Instagram page, she shared a carousel of images and clips from the duo’s overseas trip.

The “Drop the Mic” co-host unleashed her beauty with various tantalizing poses in the snaps. One of the images captured the TV personality posing on a boat in a red string bikini, flaunting her gorgeous curves and tanned skin for all to see.

Justin and Hailey Bieber take part in a PDA session while she cooks

At the bottom of the slideshow, the 26-year-old eagerly showed off her toned midriff in plenty of crop tops, rocking these outfits while out on the town and in her hotel room. However, the highlight of the post wasn’t the stunning model, but her PDA moment with Justin.

One of the videos showed the shirtless, tattooed idol flaunting his strength as he threw his wife over his shoulder. The “Sorry” entertainer effortlessly carried her lover across a lawn as bikini-wearing Hailey playfully swung her legs.

The Teen Choice Awards nominee opened up about her baby plans with the Grammy winner

Before posting their PDA moments on social media, the Rhode Beauty founder got candid about her future as a mother in a heart-to-heart interview. The Tucson native revealed that she gets emotional whenever she thinks about embracing parenthood.

According to the blonde beauty, she was interested in having children. However, she did not want her child to be subjected to the media scrutiny she had been subjected to. “I cry all the time about it. I want children so badly, but I’m scared,” the former ballet dancer confessed.

Hailey and Justin Bieber give baby fever vibes

“It’s enough for people to say things about my husband or my friends. I can’t imagine having to deal with people saying things about a child,” the socialite continued. Despite the artist’s fear of responding to future remarks about her babies, Hailey noted that the spouses will eventually have children.

In the “On My Mind” music video, Vixen expressed her hopes of having a big family with Justin for the foreseeable future. As for public scrutiny, the “What Do You Mean?” The singer’s wife explained, “We can only do our best to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.

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