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Jonathan Majors has filed a lawsuit against his ‘drunk and hysterical’ accuser

Jonathan Majors has filed a lawsuit against his ‘drunk and hysterical’ accuser

Jonathan Majors reply to one of his victims of aggression. He claims that it was SHE who assaulted him, causing him to bleed and harassing him.

Jonathan Majors was bleeding

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The actor recalls an assault case with a New York accuser going a little differently, and seeing as it took the courts, he chooses to do that as well. An insider reported that the 33-year-old met with police last week.

The meeting was about the March 25 arrest and the June 20 case in Manhattan Criminal Court that he had just fought. He filed a complaint accusing the woman of being “drunk and hysterical”. And it was further alleged that his attack left him in pain and bleeding.

He also claims that it was not the first time she attacked him and that he has done so on other occasions. Majors also admitted that he was physical with the woman in question because she got herself into a messy situation.

Jonathan Majors thinks the accuser is dangerous


PEOPLE reports that an insider shared that Majors claimed the woman was very dangerous via a series of questions which he answered. “Is the suspect capable of killing you or your children? » ; “Is the suspect violently and constantly jealous of you? » ; and “Has physical violence increased in frequency or severity in the past six months?” all to which the majors ticked “yes”.

He is still charged in the case against him and the judge wants him to continue to comply with the conditions imposed on him, including the victim protection order before his August 3 trial date.

Majors has other charges against the woman in question, including accusing her of telling her iPhone and spending between $6,000 and $7,000 on her credit card following the incident.

The majors have proof of this via his lawyer; he said, “A few weeks after these false allegations, we provided the district attorney with proof of Mr. Majors’ innocence. Last week, we provided additional compelling evidence to the district attorney.

Jonathan Majors allegedly helped the victim

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Majors also claimed he never intended to harm the victim if he did what she claims. He was trying to help her at a crucial and dangerous time. She reportedly nearly fell into traffic and he pulled her back to save her from the busy streets of New York.

They were driving in a car and he had to bring her back inside. He admitted to grabbing her but only to bring her back inside. streets.

“I was worried she’d be hurt by traffic. So I physically picked her up and put her in the car,” he continues, sharing that he ended up with a major cut on his face. .

Jonathan Majors wants to be free

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The actor fired back at all of these charges with alleged evidence and is essentially asking the judge to release him.

“Following this, we urged the District Attorney to immediately dismiss all charges against Mr. Majors…Although we hope that the District Attorney reviews these documents in good faith and will soon do what is necessary to expedite our case, we asked for a trial. meet as soon as possible.

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