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Jonathan Graziano teams up with Humane Sociey: “Make every day a day of bones”

Jonathan Graziano teams up with Humane Sociey: “Make every day a day of bones”

The legacy of Noodle the Pug lives on thanks to his owner Jonathan Graziano.

Graziano recently announced a new partnership with the Humane Society of the United States called the “Noodle Fund” which will help raise money to help “other animals live happily, long, and safely like him.”

Jonathan Graziano has partnered with the Humane Society in honor of Noodle

Jonathan Graziano and Noodle the pug
Jonathan Graziano – Instagram

In a recent video shared on TikTok, Graziano explains this new partnership with the Humane Society.

“I am beside myself to be able to share this announcement with you,” he began his video. “I know I told you a few weeks ago that we’re working on a few things to help honor Noodle, and one of those I’m sharing with you today. In partnership with the Humane Society of the United States , today we officially launch the Noodle Fund.

He went on to explain that in honor of Noodle’s life, he is partnering with the Humane Society to help raise money for animals in need.

“The Humane Society does an amazing job helping to care for animals in dangerous situations, helping them find medical care, and ultimately helping them live a better life, which is the only thing Noodle knew about. a lot,” he continued. “We hope to raise $14,000 in honor of Noodle’s life as a pug and the 14,000 years he spent haunting the forest as a cosmic being.”

Jonathan Graziano and Noodle
JonGraz – TikTok

A message on the fundraising page explains the partnership in a bit more detail.

“Through all his years Noodle has lived and lived well. As such, I felt it was only fitting to honor the amazing legacy he left by helping other animals to live a happy, long and safe life just like him,” part of the post reads.

“With your donation, they will be able to help senior dogs like Noodle and many other animals suffering in puppy mills, factory farms, testing labs or other heartbreaking situations. Any donation you make to the Noodle Fund (whatever whatever its value! Everything counts!) goes to help animals in need, period.”

And of course, Graziano signs off with the message: “Please help us make every day bone day!”

Noodle the pug
Jonathan Graziano – Instagram

Many Graziano followers dropped into the comments section of his TikTok ad to say they happily donated. And others left messages of support.

The Humane Society of the United States wrote: “Thank you for helping us fight for all animals! 💙”

A fan added: “Noodle’s sweet little life keeps on giving…not me crying too! 🐶🌈❤️”

Another wrote, “I just found another reason to love you! Noodles looks up to you and loves all the ways you honor his life. #bonesday.

Jonathan Graziano is about to take his show on the road!

Jonathan Graziano
Jonathan Graziano – TikTok

Graziano recently revealed that he’s taking his show “Live Noodz” on the road!

“I’m doing my very first solo comedy show,” he explained. “It’s called ‘Live Noodz: A Night of Noodle,’ and it will be a night dedicated to celebrating his life and times.”

The show will be a combination of stand-up comedy and stories about Noodle the Pug.

“I’m going to tell stories from his sorted past, things that I haven’t shared here before,” he continued. “The experiences we had together, a bit more about me, and then the things I learned while navigating the many obstacles he happily threw my way on our journey together.”

The link in Graziano’s TikTok biography includes links to buy tickets for his upcoming shows in Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

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