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John Cena made a surprise appearance at WWE Money In The Bank in London

John Cena made a surprise appearance at WWE Money In The Bank in London

WWE traveled to London for Money in the Bank this year, which marked the first time the company held a major show in London in two decades. Usually when WWE returns to a location for the first time in a while it means there’s something fun hidden up their sleeves, and this time around it meant a surprise appearance from the greatest to have. never laced a pair of boots.

The day after Cody Rhodes’ match against Dominik Mysterio, the ring was emptied and it was unclear what was to follow. And then the unmistakable entrance musical success of John Cena, which led to the 16-time world champion stepping out for a previously unannounced cameo.

“Surprise!” Cena said as he took the microphone and addressed the audience.

He then had an exchange with the crowd, discussing how it had been too long since WWE had been to London and saying the fans were underappreciated. And then he dropped the bombshell, saying he was there to “try to bring WrestleMania to London.”

“Take a moment, now, let them see, let them feel, let them hear, what WrestleMania is going to be like in London,” Cena said.

Cena was then interrupted by Grayson Waller, who expressed his belief that WrestleMania in England would be a bad idea, choosing instead to pitch his home country of Australia. It went until Waller asked Cena if he wanted to appear on The Grayson Waller Effect at a WrestleMania in Australia, which Cena refused. And after Cena claimed to have upset the crowd by saying WrestleMania was coming to London, Waller attacked him with his back turned, only to find himself at the receiving end of an AA.

WWE has yet to announce a location for WrestleMania 41, while next year’s event will take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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