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Jimmie Allen faces another sexual assault trial amid ongoing scandal

Jimmie Allen faces another sexual assault trial amid ongoing scandal

Jimmie Allen has found himself embroiled in another legal battle, adding to the ongoing scandal that has rocked his career and reputation.

This recent lawsuit follows an earlier lawsuit filed by her former manager, further complicating an already difficult time – her ongoing divorce battle.

Jimmie Allen faces second sexual assault complaint

In documents obtained by PEOPLE, the unnamed woman filed a lawsuit in federal court in Tennessee, accusing the 37-year-old of violating her privacy by secretly filming her without her knowledge or consent.

Jimmie Allen at the 2022 American Music Awards in Los Angeles

The lawsuit claims that the country singer persisted in having sexual contact even after the woman explicitly revoked her previously given consent. Called Jane Doe 2, she said she met Allen on a plane to Nashville in May 2022 and claimed she didn’t know who he was when he approached her, which led to a conversation between them .

Later, the songwriter’s bodyguard allegedly picked her up at the airport to ask for her phone number, after which the woman and her friends met Allen for what was to be a fun night.

The documents revealed that he and the woman maintained daily communication via text and FaceTime after their first meeting, during which he allegedly told her that he and his wife, Alexis Gale, were estranged. An excerpt from the document read, “Over time, Allen expressed his love for her and told her he could see a future together,” including wanting to have children with her.

Two months after their first meeting, Jane Doe 2 joined Allen in Las Vegas, where she believed she had her own hotel room and felt safe thanks to the presence of her bodyguard in the next room. The woman involved has admitted to willingly entering the bedroom with the “Best Shot” singer, but claims he never asked for her consent to film their meeting and never informed her of his actions.

Furthermore, she claims that she only agreed to engage in sexual activity with a condom because she was not on contraception. According to the lawsuit, he assured the woman that he would respect her wishes but proceeded to penetrate her without a condom despite her explicit objection.

Jimmie Allen seen at the dance studio

After the encounter, as she prepared to leave, she discovered the “Make Me Want To” crooner’s phone hidden in a closet, recording the scene. Surprised, she reportedly grabbed the phone, deleted the video and told a friend about the attack. The friend then contacted attorney Elizabeth Fegan about the incident.

Fegan is the same attorney who helped the original Jane Doe file her case against the star. As fans may know, last month The Blast reported that the entertainer was sued by his former manager over sexual abuse allegations.

Following a business dinner, the complainant claimed to have woken up in her hotel room, naked and experiencing vaginal bleeding and severe pain. According to her, she has no recollection of what happened then, but claims the ‘Mercury Lane’ artist insisted that she take a Plan B pill after the alleged incident to avoid pregnancy.

She also detailed additional instances of alleged sexual abuse by the ‘Tulip Drive’ star, which include repeated incidents of rape, groping and the videotaping of their sexual encounters without her consent.

‘This Is Us’ singer issues public apology to wife amid controversy

Amid the ongoing unrest and heightened media attention, Allen takes some responsibility by publicly apologizing to the mother of his children.

JThe apology came amid ongoing divorce proceedings with Gale as they are expecting their third child. The ‘Freedom Was A Highway’ writer began his post by writing, “I want to publicly apologize to my wife Alexis for humiliating her with my affair. I’m embarrassed that my choices brought her shame. C It’s something she didn’t deserve at all.

Jimmie Allen and Alexis Gale at the 2019 CMA Awards in Nashville

He also expressed remorse for his children, acknowledging his flaws as a man and father, and vowed to work on his personal growth and become a better role model.

The “Down Home” singer acknowledged that problems in the music industry can wear down individuals and expose them to temptations, potentially jeopardizing their hard-earned accomplishments. He expressed deep remorse for his inability to resist but firmly stated his refusal to let his weaknesses dictate his life any longer.

Concluding his message, the award-winning musician encouraged others to seek help when faced with similar challenges, stressing the importance of embracing vulnerabilities and surrounding yourself with a support network.

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