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Jessie J urges herself and new mothers to ‘celebrate your new body’

Jessie J urges herself and new mothers to ‘celebrate your new body’

Jessie J has a special reminder for mothers! The British musician, who welcomed son Sky a month ago with Danish-Israeli basketball player Chanan Safir Colman, continues to live happily ever after.

She recently shared a candid photo of her postpartum figure and reassured mothers struggling with insecurities that they were all special and unique.

Emotional message from Jessie J Penns to mothers alongside photo displaying her postpartum figure

To help new mothers feel comfortable with their changing physiques, the “Price Tag” artist took to Instagram on Thursday to upload a black-and-white topless photo taken 11 days after giving birth.

As the post played Jessie’s song “Queen” and showed her standing in black lingerie as her hair flowed over her shoulders. The touching caption urged mums to ‘ignore the whispers of what some people say you should or shouldn’t look like after a while’.

Candidly relating to herself and other mums, she wrote: ‘Your body was home for someone else to live in for nine months. Your organs have moved and need to go back to where they were before. Your uterus is still slowly deflating. Your hormones are flying and crashing. Your body is working the hardest it has ever worked. You’re exhausted, but you’re magic.

The “Do It Like A Dude” singer explained that moms should learn to love and accept themselves because their bodies are bound to change from the magic they’ve created. She wrote, “You grew up a whole human. A human who does this with you and loves you beyond measure. Take your time. Be kind to yourself, your body AND your mind,” adding, “Remember that you are recovering and remember to remind those around you as well. Celebrate your new body. IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND NATURAL.

The singer also noted that she loved her body because it gave her “the most magical roommate inside and out.” Finally, she typed, “And when he’s ready and able to change again, he will, whatever that looks like. I am here for this. You do wonders, mom. You[are] the MVP.”

In line with the post, many fans kindly commented below the post. One person wrote: “Saving for my pregnancy years 🫶🏼 as you are usual and caring ❤️ Another wrote: “It took me 12 months to ‘move on’ I love my body more now that I’ve seen what he is capable of.”

“Thanks for sharing. For real… You are [an] amazing mom. You are cool. You look beautiful… Happy for you and your lovely family!!!” a third follower shared. Meanwhile, another user enjoyed the songwriter’s “beautiful encore”.

Jessie J at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, UK on February 27, 2023.

The “Domino” singer went Instagram official with her son and baby daddy

Jessie did her part to keep fans updated on her newborn son and baby daddy. Before this touching post, she serenaded the internet with her son’s photos for the first time.

On June 11, she shared an adorable video showing never-before-seen moments during childbirth and her little one’s first day on Earth. The clip started with Jessie J’s boyfriend looking lovingly at their son and continued to show the new mum, minutes before his c-section, dancing excitedly with her big belly.

Additional scenes showed a tearful Jessie J carrying her baby for the first time and enjoying some skin-to-skin time, while in another section she was seen playing with him. Other sweet moments in the clip showed the newborn’s adorable face as he stretched and yawned.

Urging her fans to share her joy in the caption, the doting mum wrote, “Tomorrow you’ll be a month old. It feels like a long best day of my entire life. Mum and dad love you more than anything baby boy .

Likewise, on June 5, the “Laserlight” artist finally opened the curtains on her romance with Colman after he gushed about the professional basketball player while repeatedly hiding his face.

She posted a montage of sweet moments from their romance over the months. The start of the clip saw the new dad in the pool with just a pair of shorts before transitioning to show a mirror selfie of the lovers.

One scene in the footage showed the lovers kissing, while another caught Colman cradling Jessie’s baby bump. The roundup included a solo snapshot of the 39-year-old father holding his newborn baby.

Capping off the cute video, Jessie wrote in the caption, “Ah f*** it. I can’t keep secrets with ALL AH DIS LOVEEEE INSIDE OF MEEEE. Happy 1st Father’s Day, baby•.

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