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Jessie J finally reveals her son’s face and name for the first time in the first month

Jessie J finally reveals her son’s face and name for the first time in the first month

Jessie J can’t get enough of her newborn son as she serenades the internet with her photos for the first time! A month ago, the “Price Tag” singer welcomed a son with Danish-Israeli basketball player Chanan Safir Colman.

Monday, June 12, marked one month since Jessie’s bundle of joy arrived, and she enthusiastically honored the milestone by revealing her son’s face and name to the world.

Jessie J and Partner Chanan Safir Colman Reveal Their Son’s Face and Name

The English singer-songwriter was emotional as she celebrated her boy on Instagram. She shared a heartwarming clip showing never-before-seen moments during childbirth and her boy’s first day on earth. The video started with Colman looking lovingly at his son. It continued, showing Jessie, minutes before her C-section, dancing excitedly with her big belly.

Other sweet moments in the clip showed a tearful Jessie J as she held her son for the first time and enjoyed some skin-to-skin time. Additional scenes in the clip showed the newborn’s adorable face. In one part of the clip, he was seen stretching and yawning, while in another part he was spotted playing with his mother.

Captioning the clip, the doting mum wrote: “Tomorrow you’ll be a month old. It feels like a long best day of my entire life. Mum and dad love you more than anything baby boy. Jessie continued her legend, urging his fans to share his joy.

Colman was not left out; he went to his social networks to celebrate her son’s month-long milestone. He uploaded a photo of himself holding his newborn baby and accompanied it with a sweet message for his first son.

Expressing how obsessed he is with his boy, Colman wrote: ‘When you look deep into my soul while taking the biggest shit in my hands I smile, when you pee all over me while I change you I laugh when you frantically kiss/suck on the side of my face, shoulder or neck looking for your mother’s breast, my heart smiles, and when you fall asleep on top of me with your arms wrapped around me, I I feel satisfied.

Continuing on his touching note, Colman revealed the heartwarming nickname he gave his mini-me, adding that he would go above and beyond for him.

“Ben Shelli, I already love living with you,” the dad said for the first time. “Your greatness has absolutely NO limits, and until the end of my days, I will always protect you, teach you right from wrong, guide you when needed/asked, help you with your homework, and find you someone who can teach you how to spell, support you through ups, downs, and everything in between and of course loves you unconditionally.

Ben Shelli, according to reports, is a Hebrew word with Ben meaning son. Shortly after, the “Bang Bang” singer revealed her son’s name in a follow-up post. Alongside an adorable photo of the little one in a brown jumper with the word smile stitched on it, Jessie announced, “Men love…Sky Safir Cornish Colman 🐻🌈☁️🌅⚡️☔️🌌.”

The heartbreaking tell-all post comes days after the UK singer left Instagram official with his partner while celebrating his first Danish Father’s Day. Showing off her man, the former ‘The Voice UK’ host posted about shared moments with her man over the years and announced that she was done hiding her romance.

Jessie wrote: “Ah f*** it. I can’t keep secrets with ALL AH DIS LOVEEEE INSIDE OF MEEEE. Happy 1st Father’s Day, baby •. Damn, you’re fine.

The “Price Tag” singer finally welcomed a son after a sad miscarriage in 2020

For those unaware, Jessie’s son Sky Safir is the first child she has welcomed since her miscarriage in 2020. In late May, the “Flashlight” singer announced the birth of her son on Instagram with a heartwarming message. She wrote: “A week ago my whole life changed. My son entered this world and my heart doubled in size.

The “Domino” singer opened up about her feelings as a first-time mother, noting that they’re “indescribable” and that she’s “flying in love.” She additionally sprang from her baby. “He’s magic. He’s all my dreams come true. He’s my everything [world]. He and I are doing very well. I absorb every second and still can’t believe it’s real, here and mine. I am so grateful. Phew.”

Two months before announcing her pregnancy in January, the singer reflected on her lost baby, expressing that she was still coping with the loss. “It still hurts,” she said emotionally before spreading the love to families going through a similar experience.

She further noted that the pain of loss sometimes does not go away. “Grieving is such a strange and personal journey. Time helps, but it never really fades away. Ending her post, the 35-year-old singer said she will forever love her lost baby. “And to my little angel baby, I always feel you everywhere. Especially today.

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