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Jessica Simpson accused of using daughter to show she ‘weighs nothing’

Jessica Simpson accused of using daughter to show she ‘weighs nothing’

The weight of Jessica Simpson is once again debated on social networks!

The ‘Employee of the Month’ actress shocked everyone with her huge weight loss in 2020. Over the years, she continued to shed more ounces, which caused concern among fans.

The actress recently flaunted her weight in photos featuring her eldest daughter Maxwell Drew, and fans are alarmed that she has an ulterior motive for her daughter.

Fans alarmed by Jessica Simpson’s weightless body carried by her 11-year-old daughter.

Maxwell, Jessica Simpson's daughter, wearing it

Over the weekend, the singer uploaded photos of a meeting session with his eleven-year-old daughter on Instagram. The duo visited Third Man Recording Studios in Nashville. An image from Simpson’s post showed her posing alone in front of the studio building. She wore a multicolored print jacket, pairing it with a tank top and black pants.

Another photo on the post was a mirror selfie of Simpson in the studio, and the final photo on the carousel captured the mother-of-three in the arms of her first daughter, with the duo flashing cute smiles for the camera. This photo, in particular, left many tongues wagging as they wondered how the little girl could carry her 42-year-old mum.

A fan felt that the mother had an underlying intention behind the photo. The fan said, “Why is her child still holding J in the photos? Looks like she’s trying to show that she weighs nothing.

Another fan wrote, “I just can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong here. I pray that God heals you and whatever struggles you are going through. A third curious observer wanted to know Maxwell’s strength. “Is your daughter holding you back?” How strong is it,” the Observer asked.

Maxwell, Jessica Simpson's daughter, wearing it

Other thoughts on the image continued to pour in as some observers thought the image was inappropriate. A fourth reviewer remarked, “Am I the only person who thinks it’s weird when ‘mom’ has her ‘kid’ holding her? She is about 12 years old and holds the frail body of her mother…. not pretty, Jess!

One fan said, “That’s a weird picture… I’ve always been a fan, but there’s something wrong with that picture. You just don’t look good,” while another concerned viewer said: “I think it’s strange that your 11-year-old can hold you.” Another viewer echoed similar concerns. “Ugh, when you weigh less than your daughter, it’s weird!”

This fan observed, “The girl holding her pics… weird flex and attention seeking,” while this fan advised the singer to “gain some weight. Sounded healthier that way, IMO.

Fans apparently had concerns about the photo because Simpson had posted a similar view when she celebrated it Daughter’s 11th birthday. In the photo, the pre-teen carried her mother effortlessly as they posed outside. However, at the time, fans did not share any negative opinions about the image.

Alongside the photo, the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer wrote a lengthy tribute, showering love on her daughter. She wrote: “On May 1, 2012, my firstborn, Maxwell Drew Johnson, came into this lifetime as a seemingly unworldly sentient being. In the purest form, her mind, heart, and soul ascended from heaven’s grace to shine in profound ways.

Simpson further shared how her young daughter used her birthday wish. According to the actress, “Maxwell’s birthday wish was that Papa Joe’s bone cancer treatment would work. It did.”

‘Employee of the Month’ actress slammed by fans for editing her photos too much

While Simpson’s weight is questioned on social media, his appearance has also prompted similar backlash from fans. Last month, fans called TV personality for posting overly edited footage.

The photos, which caused an outcry, showed the award-winning actress flaunting her flawless skin with heavy makeup as she pouted seductively. In the caption, the ‘Duke Of Hazzard’ star wrote, “Some days you just have to feel your intention and let it shine.”

Within minutes, critics filled the comments section with claims that the image had been edited. “So edited, it’s almost AI,” said one fan, while another asked if the fashion designer had had her face done.

“She doesn’t even look alike,” said a third. A fourth social media user wrote, “This looks nothing like Jessica,” while one individual joked about the blonde beauty’s appearance. “Has Jessica Simpson been traded and replaced?” joked the fan.

More users found the new look humorous. “Oh, for Pete’s sake…Who is it?” another person laughed and another joked, “That’s not Jessica Simpson..…lol.”

“Are you planning to look constipated?” another joke was read, while a concerned fan left a sweet message imploring the Ascap Pop Music Award winner to accept her natural beauty.

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