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Jennifer Aniston opens up about romance and cheating

Jennifer Aniston opens up about romance and cheating

Jennifer Aniston looks amazing for his age and that’s because she’s not afraid to cheat with a greasy meal and a few drinks!

Jennifer Aniston loves cheat day

Actress Jennifer Aniston seen at Good Morning America in New York

The actress has one of the most envied bodies in Hollywood. At 54, she still looks amazing in a bikini and has flawless skin to match. Aniston often brags about her healthy, holistic lifestyle and maintains a strict high-protein, low-carb, and sugar diet.

She trains five days a week with intense cardio and attends 10- to 20-minute classes in Pvolve, low-impact functional fitness with resistance-based equipment. She owes her weight maintenance of 117 pounds to it all, however, she knows the importance of a cheat day.

She rewards herself with her favorite foods and drinks, for example, she loves a good martini and will indulge herself if she sees fit.

Jennifer Aniston splurges

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler arriving on the Mystery Murder 2 red carpet in Paris

Friends of the actress shared that she never misses an opportunity to indulge herself, nor does she backtrack on bad choices if she makes them outside of cheat days. “Jen’s meals are high in protein with a good amount of carbs, and she also indulges in treats and cheat days. If she wants to enjoy a dirty martini or a tequila, she’ll splurge. It’s not a big deal.”

Aniston also exercised her mind. “She meditates and loves hiking with her dogs.” The best thing about the actress is that she’s not afraid to grow old and it’s refreshing to see in Hollywood from someone who is also a star.

“Jen is feeling good about getting older. For her, it’s about being as healthy and happy as she can be. And don’t make the mistake of giving her the backhanded compliment ‘You’ve got looks good for your age”. She hates it.

Jennifer Aniston in the best shape of her life

Jennifer Aniston shows off her cleavage in stunning cover shoot for InStyle magazine

The actress covered British vogue earlier this year as well as In the style where she elaborated on ageism, she is experienced. “It drives me crazy. I can not support it. It’s a societal habit that we have these markers like, Well, you’re at this stage, so for your age… I don’t even understand what that means,” the Friends alum said.

“I’m in better shape than I was in my twenties. I feel better in my mind, body and spirit. Everything is 100% better. She also notes that she makes efforts in her nutrition by effectively working on her body from the inside.

The 5’5′ actress also shared some of the secrets that help her metabolism run smoothly and help her skin look phenomenal.

Jennifer Aniston has a diet

Jennifer Aniston's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Jennifer Aniston

The Emmy-nominated actress starts her day with a metabolism-boosting drink and meal. “When I wake up I have warm lemon water, then a shake or an avocado and eggs. I’ve found ways to make eggs all over the place.

If it gets too familiar, she changes it “But I also make oatmeal with whipped egg white.” She shared a quick tip. “Do this just before the oats finish cooking – it gives extra protein and that chewy texture that’s delicious.”

She also practices intermittent fasting “I noticed a big difference going without solid food for 16 hours.” After all that, yes, a cheat meal is worth it.

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