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Jason Oppenheim Stays Close To Ex Marie-Lou Nurk Amid ‘Obviously Difficult’ Breakup

Jason Oppenheim Stays Close To Ex Marie-Lou Nurk Amid ‘Obviously Difficult’ Breakup

Single and still in a relationship! Jason Oppenheim reveals he and ex-girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk are still in touch despite their split.

The real estate broker and the German model have been in the headlines since their unexpected romance began in 2022. Despite the age gap of more than ten years between them, the couple have reached a milestone of ten months before they to separate.

Unlike most celebrity splits, the duo haven’t followed the trend of irreconcilable differences as their communication system continues to thrive. The chairman of the Oppenheim Group recently opened up about his close relationship with the media personality.

Jason Oppenheim Expresses His Disinterest in Dating While Embracing a Life Without Marie-Lou Nurk

Jason Oppenheim and his girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk enjoy their vacation in Sydney

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the businessman was candid about his new single life. Although he is no longer romantically linked to his ex-girlfriend, the 46-year-old noted that the former couple have remained on good terms.

According to the television personality, the end of the duo’s relationship was sad. However, the couple accepted their fate without malice. Nonetheless, moving on from a 10-month affair has been tough for the California native.

“It’s been a, you know, obviously tough transition,” the University of California alum confessed before revealing the former lovers have stayed in touch. “But Lou and I stay close, and we talk almost every day — we at least text or talk,” Oppenheim added.

As his friendly stance with the blonde beauty continues, the Netflix star insisted he won’t be falling in love anytime soon. “I certainly don’t rush into anything. I’m just going to take it easy,” the 46-year-old said, noting that he had other priorities than finding a rebound lady.

The former law firm O’Melveny & Myers said he will focus on spending quality time with his loved ones while keeping an eye on the bag of cash. The “Selling the OC” star had her hands full with the opening of the Oppenheim Group’s fourth real estate office in San Diego.

Additionally, the California native was busy filming episodes of his reality series and planned to join some of his co-stars for some off-camera fun. Oppenheim revealed he will be visiting Vancouver later in the week before moving to Las Vegas.

The lawyer said he would celebrate his friend Romain Bonnet’s 30th birthday in the so-called city that never sleeps. The 46-year-old, his twin brother Brett Oppenheim and Bonnet’s wife, Mary Fitzgerald, were planning a big party for the other “Selling Sunset” cast member.

Jason Oppenheim4

Following his June trips, the real estate broker has planned further trips to Europe for July and August. The artist said of his vacation plans: “I’m just gonna like to travel and take things slow and I’m just focusing on myself right now and work and offices and staying pretty busy. I am happy.

Plus, his journey might lead him back to a specific German model. The businessman revealed that he might see Nurk when he is in Paris for a few days.

The former lovebirds announced their separation with a joint message

Weeks earlier, Oppenheim and Nurk shocked their followers with a joint post about their breakup on social networks. The shocking news came shortly after the blonde beauty made her debut on the show’s sixth season “Selling Sunset.”

The real estate mogul announced the news on his Instagram story, sharing an adorable photo of the former couple on a boat. The duo embraced warmly, drawing closer as they watched the sunset over the horizon.

In the overlaid text, the couple’s joint post explained that the lovebirds decided to go their separate ways due to issues with their long-distance relationship. The exes couldn’t be in the same zone as Nurk’s Parisian model. The beautiful German spent her days between the French capital and Los Angeles.

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk

“Although we still loved each other dearly and cared deeply for each other, the distance between us proved to be too much of a challenge to overcome,” reads the announcement of the breakup. “We remain close friends and continue to speak often and support each other, and we want the best for each other.”

Oppenheim’s post ended with a red heart emoji and a note of gratitude: “We thank everyone for their support throughout our relationship.” The artist’s ex-girlfriend shared the same message on her Instagram Story, but added a different emoji in her breakup post.

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