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It’s time to go! Chanen and Juwan Johnson are about to meet their baby!

It’s time to go!  Chanen and Juwan Johnson are about to meet their baby!

It’s almost time for Chanen and Juwan Johnson to hold their baby rainbow in their arms and see her sweet face. It took a long time for the couple…

Their daughter, who is due to give birth in July, seems ready to make her grand entrance into the world a little early. Chanen recently shared information about his latest doctor’s appointment on TikTok and the excitement is evident.

Chanen and Juwan Johnson are about to meet their new daughter

Chanen Johnson
Chanen Johnson – TikTok

The social media influencer recently shared a TikTok video which explains that it’s almost the moment they’ve been waiting for so long.

“Honestly, I was very scared for this date because I heard it could be quite painful as they had to check how ready your body was to drag a human,” she began. his TikTok video.

“Let’s just say it hurts a lot, but she’s so there and so ready and slipping right now.”

Chanen Johnson
Chanen Johnson – TikTok

It’s getting real now! Chanen also said she doesn’t plan to give birth without painkillers and has already chosen her baby’s pediatrician.

“Last week, my belly grew so much. She is massive. And it’s official that I literally can’t do anything,” she continued. “But the little girl is huge, and it’s time to get her out. And I’m dilated, and we have a date.

Chanen, wife of NFL star Juwan Johnson, said she knew the baby would want to come out early, but it’s crazy how time has come.

“I’ve been cultivating this human for nine months. She literally wasn’t there at all, and now I just grew her out of nothing. “And now she’s human and about to come out, from me.”

@juandchan She’s coming, we have an appointment😍 #juandchan ♬ original sound – Ju & Chan

Chanen added, “It’s happeninggggggggg,” in the comments section. Many of her followers also added well wishes and words of love and support for the expectant new parents.

“Feels like it was yesterday when you announced your pregnancy 😭❤️,” one person wrote.

Another added, “We can’t wait to meet baby!!!! ❤️❤️❤️,” to which Chanen replied, “She’ll see you soon. 🥰🥰”

Chanen Johnson announced her pregnancy in early January

Chanen and Juwan Johnson announce baby on the way
Chanen Johnson – Instagram

The couple went through a fertility journey filled with ups and downs before they got to this point. They shared their experiences and story every step of the way with their social media followers. Chanen has chosen to share her journey transparently to help others know they are not alone.

“I’ve talked so much about my experiences. It sucks the number of women who go through this and feel like they have to keep it to themselves,” she told The Blast.

“I felt I needed to talk about it and by sharing it I hope it helps. I’ve had so many women reach out to me and express this. It’s part of my healing process .

Chanen and Juwan Johnson
Chanen Johnson – Instagram

Chanen got pregnant three times in 2022 and the ups and downs have been “intense”.

“The ups and downs have been really intense. We got pregnant in March, lost in June, got pregnant again in July and lost that one. We found out about this pregnancy in November,” she said. “Having several pregnancies before this one is very stressful. I’m a little more anxious than the average pregnant woman. But this time, I thought that was it.

Chanen has been keeping her fans and followers up to date on all things baby related during her pregnancy. She shared her gender reveal, her daughter’s nursery, ultrasound appointments and more.

And now it’s on for the couple who are about to become a group of three!

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