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Ireland Baldwin apparently snubs dad Alec in postpartum tribute to his family

Ireland Baldwin apparently snubs dad Alec in postpartum tribute to his family

Karma? Ireland Baldwin took stock of her life after giving birth to her daughter Holland – but left out her father Alec Baldwin congratulating his family for their support.

“My recovery has been smooth. I’m up and enjoying this time and my time with my family at home,” the 27-year-old model wrote via Instagram on Monday, May 29. “I couldn’t be more grateful to my partner [RAC’s] parents and my mother [Kim Basinger] who visited. My partner and I have taken this together and we are an even better team than I imagined. I have never been more in love with him. I see the future father he is going to be and it makes me quite moved.

The Los Angeles resident – who is the daughter of Alec, 65, and Basinger, 69 – did not explain why she did not mention her father in Tuesday’s post, the 30 Rock alum recently made his own mistake by forgetting to include his eldest daughter while praising his other seven children. (THE Deceased the star was married to Batman actress from 1993 to 2002. He then evolved with Hilaria Baldwinwhom he met in 2011 and married less than a year later.)

“Seven reasons to keep going through tough times. Not gonna lie, without my family I don’t know what my life would be like,” Alec wrote via Instagram earlier this month alongside a series of images showing his children and those of his wife: Carmen, 9 years old, Rafael, 7 years old, Leonardo, 6 years old, Romeo, 4 years old, Eduardo, 2 years old, Lucia, 2 years old and Ilaria, 7 months old.

Alec was quick to catch on to the mistake, sharing a photo from Ireland less than an hour later. “We forgot Billy Preston! This one, the first, is about to make me a grandfather. Oy,” he captioned in black and white Instagram photo of the model. (“We Forgot Billy Preston!” is a reference to George Harrison’s accidental omission of the musician when thanking the performers at the 1971 concert for Bangladesh.)

Ireland has remained tight-lipped about her dad’s gaffe, but seems to be focused on bigger things since the arrival of her daughter Holland. She and RAC (real name Andre Allen Anjos), 37, welcomed their little one earlier this month after announcing they were expecting their first child in December 2022.

Prior to giving birth, the California native was often candid about the physical and mental health issues she faced throughout her pregnancy. However, she shared on Monday that her outlook on motherhood has now changed.

“The delivery was intense, but I had more pain. She is born. My fears have run away,” the New York Film Academy alum wrote. “My heart was full. I fell in love a second time. I lost a lot of sleep, but I don’t care. I could watch her do nothing for hours.

Although she admitted she hasn’t “really taken a moment to process” all that has happened since becoming a mum, Ireland shared that her “pregnancy has turned everything upside down” due to his “health anxiety” and hopes his words can “help someone”. even just a little.

“Every thought in my head was about hurting the baby. Hurt myself. Blame game. I’m doing it all wrong. Am I too much caffeine? Did I lean too hard? Was my shower too hot? Am I crying too much? Why am I still crying? Do my feet look swollen? Am I even going to make a good mother? I spent the last 9 months worrying about pulmonary embolism, broadleaf, pre-eclampsia,” she recalls the nine months before giving birth. “I read countless pregnancy horror magazines and watched negative childbirth videos after videos until I was numb. I was afraid of not having a successful birth or for something terrible to happen. Then it all happened so fast. When she was born, it all dissolved into nothingness.

Alec, for his part, has been busy overcoming his own obstacles. Hilaria took to Instagram on Tuesday, May 30, to reveal that the Rust actor had undergone hip surgery.

“Alec got a new hip today…it was long overdue.” We have been through so much together… as a partner and while you heal, I so want you to leave behind this very intense chapter of chronic pain and improve your quality of life,” the instructor wrote. yoga next to a photo of the couple. to the hospital. “Thank you to Dr. Davidovitch, Dr. Miller, Dr. Golden, Dr. Furgiuele, nurses, pt, ot, staff and other amazing people who so generously got him safely through this.”

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