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Influencer and TikTok star Lindsey Gurk launches personal jewelry collaboration “Full Circle”

Influencer and TikTok star Lindsey Gurk launches personal jewelry collaboration “Full Circle”

TikTok influencer and sensation Lindsey Gurk is known for her relatable and hilarious TikToks depicting the LOL-worthy moments of parenthood.

When she’s not making her followers smile by showcasing the jokes and wisdom of her children, Gurk is also an entrepreneur; she founded the “Get Your Pink Back” lifestyle line, which reminds parents that they can always come back to themselves amid those tornadic moments of motherhood.

On Friday afternoon, Gurk shared a celebratory moment with her Instagram followers; her highly anticipated jewelry collaboration with Tiny Tags jewelry was finally live!

Gurk guided his followers through the steps to achieve a personal dream. She has posted several Instagram Stories throughout her journey since her debut last winter.

Gurk started his collaboration with “Tiny Tags” From Scratch

Lindsey Gurk Tiny Tags History IG

At the beginning of January, Gurk gave his followers information about the collaboration with Tiny Tags.

“I was presented with an opportunity that I could potentially be excited about,” Gurk revealed in an Instagram story.

She then tells her followers that setting up a collaboration with a high-quality jewelry line that would be familiar to her followers and owned by other moms had been a professional goal for a while and gave her public a chance to weigh in via a poll.

Gurk would later reveal in another Instagram Story a few weeks later that the collaboration was over, and she had narrowed down her design choices to four and announced plans to tweak the looks based on follower feedback!

The final picks would soon be ready and available for purchase on the Tiny Tag website, and Gurk would reveal more details about the collaboration and its launch in an Instagram post!

Gurk Details His ‘Full Circle Moment’ During Tiny Tag Collab Launch

Gurk’s weekend started with a bang when she saw a longtime dream come to life!

Posting an Instagram carousel featuring photos of the creations, she wrote, “THEY ARE HERE!!! If there was ever a looping moment in my life that illustrated how life’s struggles can turn into something beautiful…this would be it,” Gurk began.

“I’ve dreamed for YEARS of creating meaningful jewelry that you can wear all day, every day, and over time hopefully pass on. A future heirloom type piece. I once talked about it around coffee with a friend, but I figured it was a stupid dream that would never happen, so I never really talked about it again,” she continued. “Who was I to think I could do that? At the time, I was a young mother. I had just lost my mother. I felt lost and tried to figure out who I was more…”

Gurk continued, “I hope you’ll wear these pieces (they’re flamingo feathers!) and be reminded that, like flamingos that lose their pink coloring while raising their young, but eventually get it back … YOU TOO. ”

“Thank you for being part of this journey with me. Thank you for all of your encouragement. Thank you, Tiny Tags, for believing in me and making this dream that I once thought was completely unattainable a reality. I love you all” , she concluded.

Gurk’s collaboration with Tiny Tags is now live!

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