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‘Glee’ Alum Amber Riley Shares ‘Bad, Terrible Times’ With Ex-Fiancé

‘Glee’ Alum Amber Riley Shares ‘Bad, Terrible Times’ With Ex-Fiancé

Amber Riley backtrack on that amicable split between her ex-fiancé and herself.

Amber Riley was in a toxic relationship

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The Broadway star broke up with her former fiancé over a year ago and sings a different tune about the reason for the breakup. “When it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was terrible, honey. I had to get the f**k out of there,” she said XoNschool.

The shocking statement continued: “I don’t owe anyone a happily ever after. You find happiness, enjoy it, and work for it. Riley first told her fans that her ex-fiancé Desean Black needed some privacy to deal with their breakup as they were both going through a tough time and an unexpected split.

Amber Riley initially defended her ex

Amber Riley leaving BBC Radio Two studios after promoting her new West End Theater apos Dreamgirls apos - London

She sat down with the “Nice & Neat” podcast in March 2022 and joked about being single. “I am a single black woman. I’m a single black woman, but I’m not crazy like in the movie.

She also said, “I wish him the best. I have nothing horrible or bad to say. When she confirmed the breakup news, her rep said, “They’re asking for privacy during this time.” Riley is dating again and has finally started showing off her new boo on her Instagram.

She debuted her new love on Valentine’s Day with a sweet post about finding happiness again.

Amber Riley likes herself better

The actress shared a video of her and her new man enjoying a day out. “I’m getting better, so I can love you the way you love me. You’re the best person I know. Happy Love’s Day, my VALENTINE. (Omg, that’s so mushy and disgusting, but I love it).

When XoNschool asked why she chose Lover’s Day to reveal her new relationship, she said. “I decided to post it on Valentine’s Day, partly because I was in the kennel. I got in trouble with it. Breakup will never stop me from finding love. Or at least try.

This time around, Riley will be a little less public about her relationships, she claims. Plus, her new guy has more at stake; it’s not all about his career and fame; he’s a father!

Amber Riley is on the road to recovery

Amber Riley seen arriving at Good Morning America

Since recovering from her past relationship, the actress has focused on her happy times.

“I think one of my superpowers is resilience because I will kick, scream, cry, swear, be angry and disappointed, but I will stand up and risk doing it all over again. It’s worth it for the happy times.

Riley has kept her word and hasn’t posted about her man since that sweet Valentine’s Day video, but she’s keeping fans up to date on her fitness life! Riley looks amazing and curvy, and at least now we know who’s behind all those perfect photos she takes.

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