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Garcelle Beauvais in legal battle over social media post

Garcelle Beauvais in legal battle over social media post

Garcelle Beauvais is now involved in a federal trial after posting a photo, she did not get permission and give no credit.

Garcelle Beauvais on the wrong side of a photographer

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The actress looks like a thief after being slapped by this lawsuit. Photographer John Carta claims that some photos of Beauvais he took in New York in May 2022 appeared on his Facebook timeline, and he was unaware.

Carta makes her bread and butter from her photos by selling them to multiple outlets. The Beauvais images are captioned “Garcelle Beauvais standing with outstretched hand in the streets of New York City carrying a handbag while wearing denim shorts and a black satin blouse.”

THE The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the star used the footage while Carta owned the rights; she did not ask permission and did not pay for their use.

Garcelle Beauvais “ruined” the images

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In the lawsuit obtained by Speed ​​cameras online, Claim Carta. “[Garcelle]without permission or authorization from [John]actively copied and displayed [John’s] photographs on the account and knowingly committed such misconduct in violation of United States copyright laws. »

The freelance photographer’s claim continues that he works hard to create his photos. “subject, timing, lighting, angle, perspective, depth, lens and camera equipment used to capture the image.”

He revealed he had planned to sell the footage, and Beauvais posting it for free on his Facebook page threw a wrench in that. He claims she used the photos to further her brand and herself, leaving him with…nothing.

Garcelle Beauvais has used the images more than once

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The lawsuit shares that Beauvais used the images extensively. “The account is monetized in that it contains endorsements and promotes [Garcelle’s] celebrity profile, and based on information and beliefs, [Garcelle] the benefits of these activities.

Carta also clarifies that Beauvais used the images in a collage in May. “Without the applicant’s permission or authorization, [Garcelle] intentionally copied and displayed [John’s] Photographs copyrighted to account. »

He says Beauvais intentionally violated his copyright and believes his photos played a role in traffic to his account. He does not disclose the amount he is claiming in damages, and he wants to prohibit Beauvais from improperly publishing his work without paying.

Garcelle Beauvais’ son has his own legal troubles

Garcelle Beauvais in legal battle over social media post

He was talking about legal issues. The reality TV star’s eldest son, Oliver Saunders, is dealing with his legal drama. His ex-wife is asking for child support. He received child support papers from his wife, who is also filing for divorce.

Saunders was everywhere Vanderpump Rules this outrageous season as one of the men Raquel Leviss pretended to love so she could secretly hook up with Tom Sandoval. The problem here is that he was married.

His wife criticized him online. “When I met Oliver…I had no idea what demons he was fighting.” What does that mean? She recounts her struggles saying, “I helped this man get back on his feet after battling a heavy addiction and battling in court. I supported this man financially…as he came clean…once he got his job I decided to go into real estate confident that he would support me like I did with him. Instead, this man left me thousands of dollars in debt.

All roads lead to Bravo.

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