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Friend accused of kidnapping Kim Zolciak’s children comes forward

Friend accused of kidnapping Kim Zolciak’s children comes forward

Kroy Bierman called the police on Kim Zolciak and a friend claiming their son had been kidnapped. The accuser is now setting the record straight.

The kid was at a rodeo

Kim Zolciak reportedly planned her divorce a while ago

Zolciak’s friend allegedly kidnapped poor Kroy BZolciak’sermn Jr. Elise Humphries stepped in and shared her side of the story after revealing she was the friend in question.

Humphries claimed that “there was no kidnapping”. His daughter and their son had a rodeo date. It’s a very believable excuse, because Zolciak and Biermann love to dress kids in cowboy gear and have even taken a few trips to ranches and places like that.

In the police report obtained by Speed ​​cameras onlinehe claims that the police were called five times on June 16. He says: “His son was dropped off with a woman named Aleese [Elise]. The husband said he was filing a kidnapping case for his son who was going to the rodeo.

Elise Humphries shared her side

Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, with their children, Kaia and Kane all smiles.
Instagram – Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Humphries explained his version of what happened in an Instagram post and praised Zolciak. “His mom, Kim, an amazing mom and friend, gave me permission and brought him to meet me and his two best friends; one is my daughter.

She criticized Biermann for his actions. “[KJ’s] father, Kroy, is desperately trying to control every move to make sure he gets full custody and child support, so he falsely accused me of kidnapping KJ so he could appear as the parent taking out the children.

She shared that when Zolciak realized what was going on, she was “terrified of being arrested” and didn’t want to be seen as someone who was “abusing the 911 system.” She also pointed out that Zolciak is really struggling amid the shocking divorce.

“Please pray for Kim and the children as they need it as they navigate Kroy’s narcissistic and controlling behavior.”

Kim Zolciak had other complaints

The IRS has a long bill for Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The mum-of-six is ​​worried about being associated with the misuse of police services as Biermann accuses her of calling the police five times. He claims he chose not to call “so as not to aggravate the situation further” in “the best interests of the child”.

While Zolciak allegedly called, and on the fourth call, she alleged that her “husband stole a bag.” After this incident, it is alleged that Humphries “refused” to take KJ home. Besides, Biermann thinks a bigger plan is hatching here, and he doesn’t like it.

Kroy Biermann feels set up

The IRS has a long bill for Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The former professional athlete believes Zolciak and Humphries “intentionally created ‘the situation’ to turn him up. Biermann can add this list to his other upsets about his ex-wife, hopefully soon.

Biermann once asked Zolciak to take a parenting course; he denounced her for her compulsive gambling”, and he demanded that a doctor evaluate him psychologically. Unfortunately for Biermann, Zolciak can also throw rocks.

Kim demanded that her husband take a drug test; she also wants the former athlete to hand her custody of the children, but will allow her to visit. This messy divorce is probably far from over.

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