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Fans rally around Dionne Warwick after she canceled her show over a medical issue

Fans rally around Dionne Warwick after she canceled her show over a medical issue

Now more than ever, many Dionne Warwick fans are praying for her as she faces a medical issue affecting her upcoming show.

The news of Warwick’s condition was greeted by worried fans, who turned out in numbers, sending him prayers and well wishes.

Fans send love to Dionne Warwick as she cancels her show for medical reasons

On Thursday, June 15, fans anticipating the famous musician’s concert scheduled for June 24 at the Rivers Casino Des Plaines near Chicago were notified that she was having medical issues. Consequently, the show was cancelled.

Dionne Warwick at the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards

According to reports, ticket holders received an email from the venue where the show was supposed to be held, notifying them of the cancellation. The notice read: “We regret to inform you that the performance of Dionne Warwick on June 24, 2023 at Rivers Casino Des Plaines has been canceled due to a medical incident.”

Afterward, a rep for the Grammy winner spoke to PEOPLE Magazine about the singer’s condition. According to the rep, the singer ended the show due to a challenge with one of her legs, which began on Thursday.

The spokesperson explained, “It’s a minor issue that has been resolved, and she is fine.” TMZ also shared that the singer is already recovering. However, she must “take time on her own to get back to 100%.”

Meanwhile, the venue was offering refunds to anyone who purchased tickets, although there is news that the ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ singer is hoping to reschedule the concert for another date. Warwick also has concerts scheduled on various dates throughout the year.

The planned dates and location are “June 23 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. August 9 in Selbyville, Delaware; August 11 in Gethsemane, Kentucky; September 1 in Ojai, California; and on September 2 in Beverly Hills, Calif. However, at this time, it is unknown if the shows will go ahead as planned.

Although fans would have loved to see Warwick’s outstanding live performance, they were nonetheless empathetic to his health. Ardent fans spared no time to rally around her during this difficult time, proving that they would stick with her through it all.

Some took to Twitter, dropping their best wishes for the singer. “Wishing a speedy recovery to 👑ueen @dionnewarwick. 🙏🏾💖,” one Warwick fan wrote. Another fan tweeted, “Sending prayers.” Sharing a similar wish, a third fan tweeted, “Hope you feel better soon! @dionnewarwick,” a fourth follower joked, “Sending love and healing vibes to @dionnewarwick.”

Another good wish advised the singer of “rest and take care of yourself”. A person concerned pointed out that other shows the famous musician canceled before saying a prayer for her. According to the individual, “She also canceled two concerts last week, including one scheduled at Morongo Casino on 6/9. Sending healing vibes to Ms. Dionne.

The ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ singer joked about taking over as Twitter’s new CEO

The sad news of Warwick ending her show comes nearly a month after she jokingly announced a big career change. The “Heartbreaker” singer playfully told her followers her intentions to be the CEO of X/Twitter, when current CEO Elon Musk declared his intention to hire a female CEO.

Musk tweeted his intentions, writing, “Excited to announce that I have a new CEO for X/Twitter. Starting in ~six weeks! I will become Executive Chairman & CTO, overseeing Products, Software & Sysops . »

Since the philanthropist did not specify who he planned to hire, it left several netizens creating inside jokes about the hiring. Warwick, known for her huge sense of humor on the app, teased that she was the new employee Musk had tweeted about.

The 82-year-old teased, “I am thrilled to officially assume the role of CEO of Twitter,” Warwick wrote. “It’s been in the works for months.” Unsurprisingly, many of its 632,800 subscribers responded.

One follower wrote: “Ha! I wish you weren’t kidding, Dionne. You would be a huge improvement over the current leadership! Another Twitter user wrote: “Love this! And will you consider the US presidential race because you get my vote for both? 🥰.” A third person, referencing one of his famous songs, remarked, “I’ll say a little prayer for you 🤭😂.”

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