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Fans and Critics of Colleen Ballinger Debate Ongoing Content Controversy

Fans and Critics of Colleen Ballinger Debate Ongoing Content Controversy

YouTube sensation and Miranda Sings star Colleen Ballinger has come under fire lately.

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A fan recently recalled meeting the vlogger as a young participant in Ballinger’s stage performance in which Ballinger plays the role of Miranda. The young woman, known as Becky on her TikTok account, responded with her understanding of the situation after the clip went viral earlier this week.

Becky’s account is far from the only video in Ballinger’s tag on TikTok discussing Ballinger’s alleged inappropriate content.

Several other fan TikToks detail stories of unease over ‘sketches’ in Ballinger’s ‘Miranda’ stage performances, as well as TikToks featuring footage from Ballinger’s past videos that they deem particularly inappropriate regarding his target audience. .

Ballinger addressed allegations of inappropriate behavior with a young fan in 2020

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The Blast recently delved into the actress’ past controversial moments involving minors.

After Adam McIntyre, 17, made a video discussing his accounts with Ballinger in which he discussed his feelings after Ballinger sent him underwear in the mail linked to an Instagram giveaway and the contents of their private direct messages, Ballinger made a response video where she addressed the controversy and shared her side of the story.

Following recent accounts of uncomfortable dating with Ballinger, TMZ reported that Ballinger began losing endorsement deals related to his podcast.

OneSkin told the publication, “We were aware of this before and have decided to end the relationship. This behavior is appalling, and we do not condone or support it in any form. »

Zocdoc, which the outlet says is a telemedicine company, also ended its relationship with Ballinger. The company also ended its sponsorship of Ballinger’s podcast.

Fans and critics have spoken out on Ballinger’s social media as she remains notably quiet

Since the social media conversation surrounding Ballinger has increased, she has not posted on her YouTube channels. It’s been two weeks since she posted on her vlog channel and five months since she posted on her “main” channel.

Fans and critics alike took to Ballinger’s latest Instagram post from two weeks ago to discuss the controversy in the comments section.

A longtime Ballinger fan commented: “I’ve watched you for ten years and don’t comment often, but you feel like a dear friend to me. I miss hearing your stories and seeing your vlogs. You are so kind, funny, empathetic and open-minded; anyone who has really followed you would know that. I miss hearing about your children, your chickens and what you eat that day. Your videos and podcasts are always something to look forward to. You have become the most beautiful and authentic version of yourself, and you deserve to be seen as the person you are today, with the life you have worked so hard to build. Can’t wait to see you play in Indianapolis, and send you all the love and support through good times and bad 💜”

Another follower wrote, “I just wish she would say SOMETHING. It’s been two weeks. Whether you talk about it or not, say something.

“The fact that you all defend this behavior is outrageous to me. She did something horrible and doesn’t address the situation at all. Hope some of you open your eyes and see what’s going on,” one follower said.

“I’ve followed you for years, but what you did is disgusting. It’s sad that people have to use the internet in ways that are not intended,” another follower commented.

A Ballinger supporter wrote: “The fact that I checked every day several times last week to see if you uploaded a vlog speaks volumes. So much love for you, Colleen❤️”

Another fan commented, “I don’t usually comment. But I want to send love and light to you and your tribe. ❤️ and the internet is just a weird place. Stay strong, mom!

“❤️I miss you very much today. You are one of the few people that I feel like has a brain as wired as mine. And as a woman in her twenties who doesn’t have still had a baby i feel like i have learned so much from you guys that the women in my own life haven’t taught me i have been watching your vlogs daily and i am sad to see all that is happening I don’t know what the truth is so I’m just trying not to read anything I can imagine you have to go through it right now and can’t talk about anything yet Some people have the ability mental to understand that mistakes have been made, and people can work through it. Hope you come back soon. ❤️,” another fan wrote.

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