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‘Extraction 2’ Critics Can’t Get Enough Of Head-Smacking Chris Hemsworth: ‘You Feel Every Punch Land’

‘Extraction 2’ Critics Can’t Get Enough Of Head-Smacking Chris Hemsworth: ‘You Feel Every Punch Land’

Thanks to the pandemic, the first Extraction The film became an instant hit for Netflix as the streaming giant delivered a brutal action extravaganza that paired star Chris Hemsworth perfectly with stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrave. Now the duo is back with a sequel, Extraction 2who once again tasks Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake to plow through a gauntlet of opponents in spectacular fashion.

Overcoming the visceral energy of the first film is no easy task, but according to the first set of reviews, Extraction 2 does the job amazingly. Tyler Rake’s sequel is racking up overwhelmingly positive reviews thanks to Hargrave drawing on his stunt background to deliver a fitting new entry in the burgeoning action franchise.

You can see what the reviews are saying below:

Courtney Howard, Variety:

Three years later and armed with a much better, bloody, deadly quest for the terse hero, Hargrave, star Chris Hemsworth and screenwriter Joe Russo return to the fledgling franchise with “Extraction 2.” (The “Ciudad” graphic novel, on which the first film was based, was written by Ande Parks from a story by Parks and the Russo Brothers.) The filmmakers’ renewed vigor is our reward because, like From its simple title, this sequel deals with pared-down action and suspense, removing much of the excess weight that bogged down the original.

Toris Laffry, The envelope:

“Extraction 2” looks meatier in its action-packed settings than its predecessor, with Chris Hemsworth’s approachable and muscular Rake giving puppy avenger John Wick a real run for his money when it comes to high-kicks and knockouts. . (Speaking of puppies, let’s not forget to mention that Rake’s sweet dog and pet chickens are going through this new chaos in one piece.)

Todd McCarthy, Deadline:

Stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrove has clearly made it his mission here to not only ratchet up the tension even more, but also to clock in a much higher body count than he did the first time around. It also pulls off stunning long-range action shots that are obviously over-the-top yet jaw-dropping nonetheless, unmatched in their seamless creation. Even geeks and violence gamers who have seen it all will be humbled, impressed, and mightily excited.

andy small, The audiovisual club:

A sin Extraction, the action sequences are all the game here, and they don’t disappoint. There’s a helicopter landing on a train, long car chases, North By Northwest-inspired scenes hanging from a ledge, and countless rooms full of mano a mano killers. Most of them are done in what seem like incredibly long single shots. The previous film had an 11-minute take; this time, one shot nearly doubles that.

Matt Donat, IGN:

There’s a glorious feeling to Extraction 2 which compares the on-screen momentum and action to the shooter, whether the camera is positioned right behind Rake or the way he spits in the face of death as if he has regenerating health and unlimited lives. This approach can be hugely entertaining – there’s a long split take (with hidden edits) that people seem to find exciting or distracting as Rake escorts his precious cargo out of harm’s way that’s just out of a modern warfare campaign.

Helen O’Hara, Empire:

Stuntman-turned-director Hargrave knows where to place his camera for maximum impact, and genuinely disturbing sound work features the sounds of cracking bones and splattering blood. You feel every punch land.

Robert Brian Taylor, Collider:

Sometimes action movies can earn a good reputation based on the strength of a particularly well-executed scene and Extraction 2The prison heist may be enough to keep the film on the bright side of genre history. The film also deserves props to elevate [Golshifteh] Farahani on a level where she almost positions herself as an equal to the very good Hemsworth, as opposed to a briefly cool supporting character.

Kate Erbland, IndieWire:

When this thing moves – and, wow, does it ever – it offers one of the best examples yet of what Netflix dollars can buy. It even goes with heightened emotion (including that spawned by spotlighting the wonderful Farahani and Bessa), a new dimension for the ever-evolving Hemsworth, and proof that the action franchise can capture old thrills with new stories. It won’t look as good on your TV or computer, but that’s a mission for another day.

Extraction 2 lands on Netflix on June 16.

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