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Ed Sheeran wrote an ode to ‘A Beautiful Game’ for what appears to be the final episode of ‘Ted Lasso’

Ed Sheeran wrote an ode to ‘A Beautiful Game’ for what appears to be the final episode of ‘Ted Lasso’

Ed Sheeran’s new song, “A Beautiful Game”, is out now. If the title sounds a little familiar, that’s because it was written and performed during the season finale episode of Ted Lasso which debuted on Apple TV+ last night.

True to the vibe of the show, Sheeran delivers an ode to teamwork and positivity – two elements that the show has relied on.

Fans had speculated that the series was coming to an end after a few farewell messages from the cast on social media. While it had been running for three seasons, many viewers also felt that the last one had lost quality. There had also been a rumored possibility of Jason Sudeikis leaving the lead role – and his fictional football team and coworkers without a silly coach.

In the last episode of fly on the wall podcast (as EW notes), Sudeikis said, “This story is over. It sounds like such a political response, but it is the truth. We only designed these three [seasons], and then this thing became this big old thing. However, there has been no firm confirmation that the show is over.

Still, Sheeran was thrilled to close the show.

“About a year and a bit ago I was asked to do a song for the last episode of Ted Lasso,” Sheeran shared in a video. “I recorded excerpts of it during a tour, using the crowds of the stadiums in which I played. I’m super proud of it.

Fans were apparently moved by the song’s inclusion in the episode. “No lie, I cried a little bit watching the last episode. Hands down 10 out of 10,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Check out Sheeran’s “A Beautiful Game” above.

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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