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Dwight Powell Reportedly Returning to Mavericks in $12 Million Deal

Dwight Powell Reportedly Returning to Mavericks in  Million Deal

Dwight Powell has been one of the few constants in Dallas over the past nine seasons with the Mavs, as Dallas’ longest-serving player.

Last season, Powell averaged 6.7 points and 4.1 rebounds per game as one of the Mavs role players who struggled to figure out his exact role in a seemingly ever-changing roster around by Luka Doncic. As his career progressed, Powell saw his shooting profile shrink considerably, as he at least once tried to shoot jumpers, now becoming almost exclusively a game finisher – almost 80% of his shot attempts last year came from within three feet of the rim. This limits the impact he can have overall, but also made him very effective, provided you need someone with those exact skills.

It’s a skill set that works particularly well alongside Doncic, so perhaps unsurprisingly, Dallas made it a point to bring him back. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Powell will return to the Mavericks on a 3-year contract worth $12 million.

Powell has been Dallas’ starting center for most of the past two years as he fully understands his role alongside Doncic. Getting a player like that on an affordable deal makes a lot of sense, and Powell will bring some stability to a Mavs frontcourt that added Richaun Holmes and first draft pick Derek Lively this summer.

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