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Dan Bilzerian Gets “Gangsta Certified” While Surfing a Gigantic Yacht

Dan Bilzerian Gets “Gangsta Certified” While Surfing a Gigantic Yacht

Dan Bilzerians is here do rich stuff again and advice on how to live life to the fullest!

Dan Bilzerian still the coolest guy

Dan Bilzerian and his girlfriend at Club 55 during the holidays in St-Tropez

The venture capitalist soaks up the sun from the back of a yacht, clinging to his life as his wake surfs. He shared a video and photo of himself catching waves. “Someone asked me the other day what advice I would give to a 20 year old, and my response was, try everything,” he captioned the photo.

Dan Bilzerian is

That’s not unusual for Bilzeria, who are used to partying and experiencing things that most people don’t. According to his Instagram tag, he is on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

So that means beautiful water, hot girls and experiences like this. His friend Andrew Tate is also on board and they take to the water together at some point.

Dan Bilzerian Followers Love Him

Dan Bilzerian is seen leaving the Warwick nightclub with some beautiful women

The professional poker player’s fans were impressed with his on-set skills and highlighted him in the comments. “My dawg @danbilzerian is a certified gangsta 🔥🔥,” one follower wrote.

Rapper Rich The Kidd wrote, “I’m quitting this fiery summer 😂😈🔥.” Another follower was so impressed. “THIS IS CRAZY,” they wrote in all caps. Other supporters were invested in Bilzerian, looking for the submarine.

This is not a joke; they know he has the money and the resources to do it. “Go find the sub for everyone,” one follower suggested. “Dan, mate, glad you’re back. While surfing a yacht, could you pass by the Titanic crash site? I didn’t know if you heard, but we have real models in a homemade submarine lost at sea. Wild stuff. Either way, stay cool.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dan

Dan Bilzerian shopping at the Iconic House of Bijan in Beverly Hills

As the last comment suggests, Bilzerian hasn’t been posting on IG lately. His last chronological past was in December 2022. It was, of course, a sexy video of Bilzerian and Tate in South America.

He captioned the cheeky video, “South America, where it’s still okay for a man to be a man.” The reason for the absence is unknown, but Bilzerian decided to honor fans with a sick photo and video. You’re not worried about updating a social media page when you’re this rich. In addition, this yacht is gigantic. He is too busy finding his way to download daily.

Dan Bilzerian promoting Ignite

The New Party Kings Of LA The Most Extravagant Star-Studded Halloween Party In Decades

The entrepreneur’s latest venture, Ignite, a line of nicotine vapes, clothing and alcohol, has kept him busy. It also offers a range of spirits under the Ignite brand, including vodka, tequila, and energy drinks which, unlike most, have great benefits.

Zero Ignite drinks show “improvement in key brain functions, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, and concentration,” according to the company’s website. It contains green coffee beans, a “sustainable” source of energy for the body.

This means that there is no crash. Is that why Bilzerian has all that energy to get on the back of a yacht on a board and ride like no other? We will take it!

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