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Chrissy Teigen is fed up with fans coming for Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking skills

Chrissy Teigen is fed up with fans coming for Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking skills

Chrissy Teigen defends Brooklyn Beckham! John Legend’s stunning wife has applauded trolls for slamming the aspiring chef during his latest cooking session.

David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son has made headlines over the years for sharing his cooking content on social media. Although he received good reviews for some of his recipes, many of the 24-year-old’s videos were torn by critics.

The Westminster native recently went viral for overusing expensive ingredients in his cooking programme. Although the haters spent a day in the field roasting the poor influencer, the “Lip Sync Battle” alum didn’t find the situation funny. Please continue reading to learn more about the artist’s situation.

Chrissy Teigen backs Brooklyn Beckham amid fan backlash

Taking to his Instagram Story, the ‘Cravings: Hungry for More’ author shared a screenshot of a news article covering the public reaction to the media personality’s cooking. The highlighted comment on the read message, “People are starving around the world – you’ve used enough oil and milk for about 20 people. But you wouldn’t understand that.

Under the advice of this reviewer, the Utah beauty called on haters to leave Beckham alone. “Oh my God, can everyone shut up and have a life,” Teigen cheered. Her response to the trolls came a day after the 24-year-old shared her fried chicken recipe on Instagram reel.

The video captured the former photographer in his kitchen, preparing a meal while trying to promote Chosen Foods’ avocado oil. Showcasing his content of the day, the Westminster native said he would be making fried chicken using the brand’s product.

Beckham started the process by creating a creamy mixture with two cups of milk and spices. He mixed the ingredients in a transparent dish before submerging two pieces of chicken and covering the contents with cling film.

In another bowl, the “What I See” author combined flour and other spices, using this mixture to coat the soaked chicken before frying it. However, the aspiring chef used the entire bottle of avocado oil to prepare his fried chicken but was seen enjoying the results of his recipe at the end of the clip.

The promotional post was captioned: “Fried chicken with @chosenfoods. 100% Pure Avocado Oil and their Classic Avocado Oil Mayo are the best. I love Chosen Foods for frying because of its high smoke point and neutral flavor. #chosenpartner.

As mentioned above, the oldest of the Beckham brood cooking session did not sit well with the fans. Flooding the comments section with critics, many were appalled by the artist’s excessive use of expensive ingredients.

“That’s a LOT of oil,” someone pointed out, another blaming the media personality’s good recipe on his track record. “What a well-protected baby! he made no effort to earn anything in his life,” the reviewer said.

Another troll called out the Westminster native for acting like a leader without undergoing the necessary training to be one. The individual wrote: “@brooklynbeckham The amount of that expensive oil you used was ridiculous!!! Stop acting like a wannabe chef!!! Go to culinary school and get a degree like all people normal have to do it!!!”

More cries of poor cooking skills rained in with someone writing, “Waste of everything” and another commenting, “Wow, all those ingredients for two pieces of chicken.”

The ‘Cookin’ With Brooklyn’ star claimed he wasn’t a chef

Months before receiving internet ire for his fried chicken recipe, the 24-year-old set the record straight on his cooking career during a candid Q&A session with fans. During the Instagram Story segment, the Westminster native was asked about his status as a chef.

“Are you a cook? the curious follower asked to which Beckham replied, “No, x but food is my passion.” The startling revelation was written in a black and white photo of the media personality running a tattooed hand through her hair.

The former photographer’s confession may have been influenced by the hate he received for his food content. Since her cooking debut on social media, criticism has pleased Beckham.

In April, the model came under fire from fans for sharing her Fettuccini Alfredo recipe. Many followers of the artist claimed that the dish was nothing like a real Alfredo. One commentator lamented:

“There’s not a single thing in this recipe that’s Alfredo???? It’s a Bechamel. I’m sure it’s good, but it’s spaghetti bechamel, not Alfredo.

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