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Chris Hemsworth takes a look at his favorite CHRIS, and it’s not himself!

Chris Hemsworth takes a look at his favorite CHRIS, and it’s not himself!

Chris Hemsworth has finally settled the long-standing question “who is the best Chris in Hollywood,” and it’s not himself. All it took for the truth was one specific Chris’ birthday, and all the fans are feeling, “Another Chris bites the dust!”

Chris Hemsworth wishes Chris Evans a happy birthday

Happy 42nd Birthday Chris Evans
Instagram | Chris Evans

So yes, you guessed it, considering it was Chris Evans’ birthday, Hemsworth wished the cap off with a simple Tweet, “Happy Birthday to my favorite Chris.”

He posted the caption with a photo of Evans smiling awkwardly at the camera, with Hemsworth standing in the blurred background with a wry expression.

With this post, it looks like Hemsworth has finally settled the fake feud between Hollywood’s four Chrises, himself, Evans, Chris Pratt and Chris Pine.

How do the fans feel?

“Thanks for the reminder that Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt are not your favorites. Happy birthday Cap, he may not be my favorite but he is definitely in the top 4!

“Happy Birthday Chris (which Chris is that again? We have Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.) So happy birthday to one of the Chris’s. I think it’s Captain America.

But we also love memes!

Who is the best Chris of all?

Meeting vigilantes

The “Who is the best Chris in Hollywood” debate has been going on for years, given that all four are handsome, gorgeous, and stars in their own right.

Chris Pine had to go on Saturday Night Live to explain the difference between him, Hemsworth, Evans and Pratt to make sure the audience didn’t confuse them again. It doesn’t help that while Pine is in the DC Universe as Wonder Woman’s love interest, the others are part of the MCU.

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In October 202, things went wrong when TV writer Amy Berg tweeted photos of the four with the caption “You have to go”. She may have made a joke, but Berg was soon bombarded with overreplies targeting Chris Pratt, citing his church affiliation being accused of anti-LGBTQ+ practices, with many saying he should be the one to go. It got serious enough that Pratt’s MCU co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. took to social media to defend him, even though the other Chriss remained mum.

That said, Hemsworth’s recent post is more of an ongoing joke between the three MCU stars. For Evans’ birthday in 2021, the Thor star shared a photo of himself with Pratt, captioning, “Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans; you will always be number 1 in my book.

The war between the three MCU Chris is still on, only she decides who is the biggest prankster. So far, Hemsworth is winning.

Chris Hemsworth on a “Ripping” Roll

Chris Hemsworth wishes "favorite" Chris Evans happy birthday

As Chris Evans celebrates his and his co-star Ana de Armas success with the film “Ghosted“, Hemsworth is preparing for the release of “Extraction 2”, which will arrive on Netflix on June 16.

In the meantime, if you need a pick-me-up, play it on repeat!

Coming back to Chris Evans’ birthday, we also can’t forget Hayley Atwell’s final tribute, where she posted well wishes for Evans on her Instagram, cheekily writing: ‘Happy birthday to the beautiful, intelligent , kind and funny @chrisevans. A gentleman and a lover. As a birthday present, I started following him.

Ironically, Evans shares his birthday with Tim Allen, whom he replaced as Buzz Lightyear in the soundtrack-bombing Disney spinoff “Lightyear.” Allen took another swipe at the film earlier this year, saying, “They were two completely different movies. And Chris did a great job doing an ancillary part. It was very confusing for all of us on the Toy Story movie side; who was real? I’m a screenwriter, so if Buzz is real, then Chris’ version was, as an actor doing it, confusing to me.

Guess Chris Evans can’t be everyone’s favorite, right Hemsworth?

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