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Celine Dion is considering a big move to help her stiffness syndrome

Celine Dion is considering a big move to help her stiffness syndrome

Celine Dion sold it Las Vegas Mansion, his last connection to the state, after ending his residency in Vegas due to stiff person syndrome.

Celine Dion is richer

Celine Dion cancels her tour due to health issues

The singer was forced to end her Vegas residency for years due to illness, so she sold the place she had called home for more than a decade. The 55-year-old sold her estate for $30 million. One of the bonuses of his house is its location, near Caesar’s palace.

The residence had been at Caesars for over twenty years, so it was close to the famous casino and hotel. Fun fact, Dion has performed over 1,100 shows at Caesars. She was preparing for an international tour, her first in years, but had to cancel.

She has been battling this disease since 2019 but has pushed forward. It became too much to fight while continuing with a busy schedule.

Celine Dion packs her bags

Celine Dion has a blast during her trips to New York

Speed ​​cameras online reports that the singer plans to bring it back to Canada. “Céline has 11 siblings living in Canada,” a friend told the publication. “He’s been an amazing and loving support system for her during a personal crisis.”

The source continued: “Her disease is incurable and although she has worked hard with doctors and therapists, she is just not getting better. The condition shakes Dion to her heart.

It can cause other medical complications and lead to death after six years. The singer is from Quebec and would have relied on other Canadian artists for his support and courage.

Shania Twain is there for Celine Dion

The Brit Awards 2023

The country singer is believed to be one of the few Dion has leaned on lately. A source shared that “Celine and Shania have been close for years. They quietly support each other and have been confidantes for decades.

Twain was also there for the “Because You Loved Me” singer when her husband and manager, Rene Angelil, died in 2016. Twain helped her through the aspects of her career that her husband used to manage. .

“These are things that Shania went through after her divorce,” the source claims. As for her illness, “Shania wants Celine to know she’s not alone. Because it’s a lonely struggle to go through, especially when you’re trying to keep the fight private.

Celine Dion has already struggled

Celine Dion spotted in New York

The singer started feeling the pains of stiff person syndrome. In May, she was forced to skip her movie premiere to love one more time because “She has difficulty walking and has periods of intense pain that appear out of nowhere”.

It was also reported that “it was a difficult time for her”. Until now, it was important for her to keep her illness and the details a secret. “Celine is keeping her condition private for now, but her life has changed dramatically,” apparently.

“She sees specialists like neurologists, holistic practitioners, and occupational and physical therapists. However, she keeps the hope of being able to thwart the predictions.

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