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Buck Meek portrays a boundless ‘heaven’ in his sweet, slow-burning single from his album ‘Haunted Mountain’

Buck Meek portrays a boundless ‘heaven’ in his sweet, slow-burning single from his album ‘Haunted Mountain’

Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek creates a world of his own. The Texas-born artist announced haunted mountainher upcoming solo album, dropping her serious, folksy title track last month.

On Wednesday, June 28, Meek released “Paradise,” an equally introspective single that advances Meek’s unique perspective on love.

“Sometimes when you half hear something spoken, something unsaid inside the words is revealed,” Meek said in a statement. “Your mind fills in the blank, completes the sentence, infers deep meaning – even if you still can’t fully explain it. Jolie Holland sent me some of the lyrics to this song, about the feeling of awe before the vastness of a loved one, and I wrote it thinking about how love often seems too big to comprehend, like death, or life after death, or space.”

Meek had expressed a similar sentiment when announcing haunted mountainsaying the album is “about love and…something other. Something bigger than love, something that doesn’t exactly challenge love but opposes it.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes, and Meek takes it literally in “Paradise.” Atop delicate acoustics, he sings, “Tell me how you got heaven in your eyes / Heaven in your eyes / ‘I fell into a black hole with the hazel’s hot flow.'”

haunted mountain will be Meek’s first album since signing with 4AD and his third sol0 album overall, following his self-titled debut in 2018 and those in 2021 two saviors.

Listen to “Paradise” above.

haunted mountain was released on 8/25 via 4AD. Find more information here.

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