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Brielle Biermann Speaks Candidly About Her Disappointment At Going Too Far With Lip Fillers

Brielle Biermann Speaks Candidly About Her Disappointment At Going Too Far With Lip Fillers

Brielle Biermann raises awareness of the disadvantages of excessive use of lip fillers! After falling down the unfortunate rabbit hole of beauty enhancements, the artist shares her experience.

The social media influencer shot to fame as the daughter of beloved reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann. The 26-year-old, born from her mother’s previous relationship, acquired her surname after the adoption of her stepfather Kroy Biermann.

Like most celebrities, the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” artificially accentuated her beauty. However, looking back on her cosmetic journey, the media personality couldn’t help but regret taking things too far.

Brielle Biermann warns fans against injectors as she shares her lip filler experience

Brielle Biermann speaks candidly about lip fillers

On June 16, the ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ star got candid about her past obsession with fillers on her Instagram page. The TV personality has shared shocking side-by-side images depicting her before and after a trip with lip injections.

The photo on the left captured Brielle with very large lips, puffy from lots of fillers. The socialite appeared dull in the close-up snap without makeup while her hair was styled in a messy bun.

This dull image pales in comparison to its radiant glow in the second photo. The photo on the right showed the reality TV star with medium-sized lips, showing that she had reduced her loads.

The 26-year-old looked completely glamorous with her lush hair cascading over her shoulder in bouncy waves. The Bravo alum was giving off sultry vibes, flashing a cute pout at the camera with her glossy pink lips.

Reflecting on her sad past, Brielle captioned the post with a lengthy post about regret. Advising fans not to repeat his mistakes, the internet personality wrote: “A bit of a personal message. All I’ll say is if you start getting your lips filled… Go see someone who will tell you no.

The facilitator recounted her ordeal: “At that time of my life (on the left), I had too many chefs in the kitchen… I went to too many injectors, none of whom said no to me”!

According to the daughter of the founder of “Kashmere Kollection”, she ended up abusing lip fillers because there was no one to warn about her procedures. Opening up about how often she visits the doctor, the 26-year-old confessed: “I’d get injected, get used to the new size of my lips, and then I’d think I needed more. .”

Despite her obsession with cosmetic injections, Brielle concluded that she would continue with the procedure but with better restraints. “I always like a little filler, but listen to someone who’s been through it…Don’t get too full!” the media personality implored her followers.

American socialite Brielle Biermann is seen leaving Delilah restaurant with her friend

Naturally, the “House of Kim with Kim Zolciak” alum’s post got fans talking as they flooded the comments section with mixed reactions. Many have called out the internet celebrity for not heeding his warnings in the past, someone claimed:

“We called you every name under the sun…to get you arrested. What do you mean, wish someone had said no to you? Don’t blame anyone but yourself.

In response to those criticisms, the “RHOA” star reiterated that she’s not beyond reproach. “This message is me taking responsibility for not listening to anyone, but okay!” joked the 26-year-old.

On the other hand, others found Brielle’s message inspiring. One fan praised the TV personality’s honesty: “YES TO THIS POST! Good job, @briellebiermann, for raising awareness and being vulnerable enough to be humble by talking about your own experience.

Brielle Biermann appeared to be supportive of her mother amid her divorce from Kroy Biermann

Weeks before her lip-filling warning, Brielle made headlines for apparently choosing sides in her mother’s divorce from her stepfather, Kroy Biermann. As shared by US Weekly, the 26-year-old ditched the former NFL player on Instagram in May.

Kim Zolciak reportedly planned her divorce a while ago
Instagram/Kim Zolciak

The surprising move came shortly after the former lovebirds’ split became known. However, the artist may have pressed the unsubscribe button because the Big Sky Defensive MVP winner rejected her mother on the media-sharing platform.

The former athlete slammed Zolciak-Biermann on his Instagram bio, writing, “My ring meant one thing.” The change was a dodgy piece from the 37-year-old’s previous post which read: ‘Husband. Father of six perfect munchkins. Athlete. You can Google Me and see that I wasn’t late for that party.

After more than a decade of what seemed like a happy marriage, the exes filed their divorce papers on Monday, May 8. Court documents obtained by the outlet revealed the former lovers listed their split date as April 30.

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