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Benedict Cumberbatch’s London home invaded by knife-wielding chef

Benedict Cumberbatch’s London home invaded by knife-wielding chef

Benedict Cumberbatch and his family feared for their lives after a former chief violently burst into their home.

The Hollywood sensation has become a key member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following his phenomenal portrayal of the wizard Doctor Strange. However, playing the powerful character on screen did not make the entertainer invincible against threats.

An unhinged man attacked the award-winning actor’s North London residence, causing extensive damage in what could have been a disastrous encounter for the Hammersmith native and his loved ones.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his family fall prey to an unprovoked raid by a gunman


The English idol might be looking for better safety following the recent home invasion. According to reports, a man named Jack Bissell crashed into the ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’ actor’s premises by kicking through the iron front garden gate.

The house, believed to be worth £3.5million, has received the worst of the perpetrator’s aggressive assault. Bissell, a former chef de partie at the five-star Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair, confidently launched his destructive rampage with a fish knife.

By DailyMail, the 35-year-old was apparently not in the right frame of mind as he vented his anger on Cumberbatch Garden. He was seen kicking, stomping, ripping out one of the family plants and throwing it against the garden wall.

As Bissell’s reign of terror unfolded, the “Doctor Strange” star, his wife, Sophie Hunter, and their three children were inside the home. Although the walls protected them from their invader, the family could hear the armed leader ravaging their garden, shouting insults.

The verbal assault included several threatening threats, with the attacker allegedly shouting, “I know you moved here. I hope it will burn. Unsatisfied with ruining the family garden, Bissell spat on the intercom before ripping it off with his fish knife.

Following his violent outburst, the former member of staff at the luxury hotel fled the scene but was later arrested by authorities. The police found the chief using his DNA on the intercom.

The culprit pleaded guilty to criminal damage at Wood Green Crown Court, receiving a £250 fine and a three-year restraining order. The ban will prevent Bissell from approaching the Cumberbatchs and their residential area.

Sadly, the reason for the intruder’s attack remains a mystery, as the 35-year-old did not reveal why he traumatized the famous family when questioned in court. However, Bissell’s actions did not appear to be an unforeseen wave of aggression.

Benedict Cumberbatch at the premiere of

According to prosecutors, on the day of his invasion, the former chef stopped at a nearby store to buy two packs of pita bread. Before leaving, the culprit told the salesman that he would break into the Hollywood sensation’s house and burn it down.

Following the Bissell attack, a source claimed the Cumberbatches were horrified by the experience. “Understandably the whole family was terrified and thought this guy was going to come in and hurt them,” the insider revealed.

“Fortunately, it never went that far. Benedict and Sophie have had many sleepless nights since, fearing they might be targeted again,” the insider explained. “The fact that this was a targeted intrusion makes it that much scarier.”

Inside the Oscar nominee’s blossoming relationship with his wife, Sophie Hunter

As the ‘Sherlock’ actor and his family deal with the horrifying situation, there’s no doubt their love will get them through the tough times.

Looking back on the sweet relationship between the actor and his wife, the lovebirds met while working on a movie together.like most Hollywood couples.

Hunter, a famous playwright and director, starred alongside the Hammersmith native in the 2009 film, “Burlesque Fairytales.” This meeting may have stoked the embers of their romance, but it remained unknown as the couple kept a low profile.

The duo avoided dating speculation until 2014, when they first appeared at Roland Garros in June. Five months later, the unexpected couple announced their engagement using an old-fashioned newspaper article in “The Times” Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch spotted walking along Archer Street in Soho, London, England,

As for why the couple chose this mode of announcement, Cumberbatch confessed that they wanted a traditional route. The TV personality said he’s not a fan of social media and doesn’t want the public to see the couple as “s—ty, grainy images staring lovingly into each other’s eyes with a ring at someone’s finger.

Finally, the couple tied the knot in a surprise Valentine’s Day wedding in 2015, shortly after revealing they were expecting their first child. The lovebirds took their vows in an intimate ceremony at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Mottistone, England.

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