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Becky G Goes Wild at a Strip Club for Her ‘La Nena’ Video With Gabito Ballesteros

Becky G Goes Wild at a Strip Club for Her ‘La Nena’ Video With Gabito Ballesteros

Becky G contributed to the soundtrack of the film directed by Eva Longoria Flaming hot, with “The Fire Inside,” arriving earlier this month. The song foreshadowed his even livelier single “La Nena”, which was released with Mexican singer-songwriter Gabito Ballesteros on Wednesday, June 28.

“Nothing can hold you down / No one can kill your vibe / When you got the fire inside,” Becky G sings in the chorus of “The Fire Inside,” and she walks that walk through “La Nena” with the Mexican singer-songwriter Gabito Ballesteros.

The accompanying video finds Becky G at a strip club. At first, she watches from a corner booth. It doesn’t take long for her to strut the stage, receiving a lap dance before owning the stage itself.

According to a press release, “La Nena” gives a taste “of what’s to come” from Becky G’s upcoming album, as “the lyrics tell the story of a woman who is empowered and chooses to continue to dance through life despite his broken heart.”

Becky G announced her My home, your home visit in May, and his statement at the time promised to create an environment depicted in the “La Nena” video.

“[The] Visit my house at your place is to invite people to have an intimate experience with me,” she said. “My intention is for it to be a place where we can sing, dance, laugh and cry, all from the comfort of our shared space. I’ve never headlined my own tour before, so I really want it to feel personal and connect with my fans that way, because we’re gonna build nuestra casa [our home] in every city, together.

The trek is scheduled to begin September 14 in Boston and end at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, Arizona on October 14. More information can be found here.

Watch the “La Nena” video above and check out Becky G’s posts to the track below.

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