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Bachelor’s graduate Hannah Ann Sluss stalked at airport

Bachelor’s graduate Hannah Ann Sluss stalked at airport

“Bachelor” alum Hannah Ann Sluss has a public service announcement for all of its female fans and followers.

The 27-year-old took to TikTok to share a scary incident she encountered while traveling alone and is now warning others.

Hannah Ann Sluss says she was harassed at the airport

'Bachelor' Alum Hannah Ann Sluss ROCKS Bahamas Rainbow Bikini
Instagram | Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss took to TikTok over the weekend to share an incident she faced while traveling alone.

“I land in Paris, and [I’m] walking around doing my own thing on my phone, and a [woman] came up to me and said, “This guy is following you,” Sluss began to explain. “‘He takes pictures of you.'”

The ‘Bachelor’ alum said, “Then I go back to a screenshot I took of me FaceTiming my mom, and he’s behind me. I remember seeing him a lot at the airport, but I didn’t think of that.

The man accused of harassing Sluss at the airport ended up on her flight, which made the 27-year-old even more uncomfortable. “So I start to panic [because] I realize he’s on my same flight,” she said in the video. “He looks super creepy. He wears sunglasses in an airport, and like, who does that?

“So I get on my flight and tell the flight attendants I’m being followed,” she said. “Thanks to Air France for taking matters into their own hands. They made sure I was the first to leave the flight.

Sluss said she waited in the airport restrooms after getting off her flight for an hour and a half to make sure the man had left the airport and was safe to get out. “Guys like today are looking for a time when you’re vulnerable and alone, and he probably would have followed me.”

She concluded by saying, “So the point of all of this is that if you are traveling alone or if you are a woman, wherever you go, always be careful. And the good people there are watching over you.

Hannah Ann Sluss gets engaged

Hannah Ann and Jake Funk
Instagram | Hannah Ann Sluss

Jake Funk proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss earlier this year. The former ‘Bachelor’ star recently opened up about the romantic evening and the days leading up to it.

“I’ve been engaged for about eight days now,” Sluss shared during a TikTok video in late January. “We went to Cabo because it was quite close to Los Angeles, and we stayed there at the Montage for eight days, and I don’t even know where to start!”

“Jake was in Indiana about two weeks ago and said he was going to my parents’ house in Knoxville, which is about a six hour drive away,” she continued. “So I honestly thought he was going to ask my dad. We talked about getting engaged for a while; we were waiting for the offseason.

Sluss’ father then called his daughter to ask why her boyfriend was randomly visiting, and that’s when the former reality TV star knew. “‘Dad, he’s going to ask you if you give him your blessing,'” she continued. “And my dad was like, ‘Oh my God.’ My dad started choking on the phone. It was so sweet.

The two then prepared for their trip to Mexico, which Hannah Ann Sluss admits she knew would happen there or on their next trip to Disney World.

“So we’re going to Mexico, and I’m like, ‘If that happens, great; if not, Disney World,'” she said. gift to end the year and a birthday trip so I wasn’t sure but made sure to come prepared.

Jake Funk got down on one knee and asked Hannah Ann Sluss to marry him in Mexico earlier this year.

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