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‘Bachelor’ Alum Clare Crawley Shows Off Her Bikini Body In A Steamy Selfie

‘Bachelor’ Alum Clare Crawley Shows Off Her Bikini Body In A Steamy Selfie

Claire Crawley first appeared on the 18th season of “The single person” and became the leader of the 16th season of “The Bachelorette.” She also appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of “Single in Paradise” And “Bachelor’s Winter Games.”

Crawley recently found her happily ever after with her husband, Ryan Dawkinsand the two have been on their honeymoon ever since.

Clare Crawley shows off her “OOTD”

'Bachelor' Alum Clare Crawley Shows Off Her Bikini Body In A Steamy Selfie
Instagram | Claire Crawley

The “Bachelor” alum recently showed off her bikini body while sporting a skimpy bikini and posing for a steamy mirror selfie.

Her abs and rock hard curves are on full display as she leans against the wall and lets the camera do the work. “OOTD🌴,” she captioned the post, which garnered hundreds of fan comments.

“I love your beautiful soul 😘,” wrote one fan as another chimed in, “Are you even human? You’re perfect!!!”

A third commented: “Damn girl! 🔥😍 Ditch the workout routine!!” while one of her followers said, “Gorgeous! So happy for you! You were my favorite Bachelorette! Genuine and took no mess from anyone. You deserve your happy ending!

Others chimed in with things like “Yaassss girl! I’m so ready to hit the beach! That’ll be me next month for sure 👙‼️🙌🏾” and “Beautiful girl in every way 💫💕.”

Meanwhile, one of Crawley’s fans said, “When you’re healthy, happy and filled with contentment, your true beauty shines through.”

Clare Crawley’s breast implants caused health scares

Claire Crawley in bikini
Instagram | Claire Crawley

The 41-year-old recently spoke with ABC News’ Zohreen Shah, where she spoke about a recent health scare related to her breast implants.

“It was exhausting,” Crawley told the news anchor of his health scare. The former ‘Bachelorette’ frontman admitted it took years to find a diagnosis, which “took its toll on my life, my relationships, my family, my social life.”

“My body was just working overtime, and I thought it wasn’t like that,” she continued before adding, “For someone who puts as much effort into taking care of My health is not how I should look and not how I should feel at this age.

The 41-year-old then started developing rashes all over her body. She went to several different doctors several times a month to try to get a diagnosis, which took eight years, with other health issues coming to light.

“I was diagnosed with all but probably breast implant disease because it wasn’t a thing back then,” she said. “And I asked my doctors pretty far, ‘Does [my implants] be the cause of this? It’s the one thing that’s constant in my body. “

After doing some research and concluding that she was suffering from “breast implant disease”, she found a doctor who specialized in breast explantation surgeries. After consulting the specialist, she realized that she was not the only one with health problems due to breast implants.

“I thought you took them off because you didn’t like them anymore,” Crawley said. “Or you take them off because you’re replacing them with another pair.”

She underwent breast augmentation surgery after appearing on ‘The Bachelor’ franchise in July 2021, where she admits she immediately felt better both physically and mentally. “I could take the deepest, freshest breath ever,” she said. “It wasn’t just physically good, I felt amazing…I felt like my body was like, ‘Ah, thank you.'”

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