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Armie Hammer one step closer to single legal status

Armie Hammer one step closer to single legal status

Armie Hammer’s life has been a rollercoaster for a few years. Her divorce is one of those things he’s so close to leaving behind.

Armie Hammer almost single in the Cayman Islands

Married couple Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers are spotted leaving Craig apos s restaurant

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the controversial actor has filed all necessary paperwork with the courts, stating that he has handed over all required financial information and disclosed everything he needs to settle his divorce.

This is the first push in the call me by your name the star’s divorce from his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers. She filed for divorce in 2020 after bad habits came to light about Hammer via his alleged mistresses.

Double whammy for Chamber,s who shares two boys with the actor-turned-timeshare salesman. The filing is a disclosure statement, and while it doesn’t mean the divorce is finalized, it’s a giant step in a divorce that hasn’t changed much in recent years.

Elizabeth Chambers took the plunge

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Chambers announced that she left Hammer on Instagram after much speculation. “Thirteen years as best friends, soul mates, partners, and then parents. It’s been an amazing journey, but together we decided to move on and move on with our marriage,” she wrote.

The post featured a throwback photo of the former couple in their early years. “As we enter this next chapter, our children and our relationships as co-parents and dear friends will remain our priority,” the message continues.

“We understand this news lends itself to public dialogue, but in the interest of our children and family, we ask for privacy, compassion and love during this time.”

Armie Hammer files for joint custody of children, upset wife won’t return from Cayman Islands

Armie Hammer is also ready to move on

Armie Hammer at Good Morning America

The actions of the actor say a lot about where he is in life. He has taken up residence in the Cayman Islands full time. Hammey grew up there, spending much of his time on the island with his super wealthy family.

Hammer’s court documents were served on his ex-wife yesterday. It clearly states: “Defendant’s final statement on disclosure of current statement of income and expenses, completed statement of assets and liabilities, community and separate property statements with appropriate attachments, all tax returns filed by the party within two years prior to service of the preliminary disclosures, and all other required information.”

Armie Hammer wants to see his kids

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Shortly after Chambers filed for divorce from Hammer, he filed his paperwork seeking joint custody of his two children. At the time, Hammer was still residing in Los Angeles and insisted that Chambers take the children to the island and had no plans to return.

Other than that little hiccup, there hasn’t been much discussion about the divorce. Chambers gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly, breaking life there with Hammer during the toughest part of their marriage and being stuck at home due to the pandemic.

“You can give, you can love, you can be there for someone, but you also have to hold people accountable for their actions,” Chambers said. “My family breaking up was literally my biggest fear of my entire life.”

As for Hammer, he’s been spotted working, selling timeshares but avoiding the media like the plague.

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