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A new beginning or the beginning of the end for couples on Temptation Island?

A new beginning or the beginning of the end for couples on Temptation Island?

Is it hot here? Definitely, it looks like someone turned up the heat!

While this season of “Temptation Island” has only just begun, the heat has already risen to a high. And that’s not the only thing that popped up. Everyone’s anxieties are on high alert over the tea that was spilled and the new twists introduced this season.

Why are you here?

temptation island
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First, before sending the couples into the arms of the 16 singles who are eagerly awaiting, host Mark L. Walberg sits down with them to reveal the reasons why they decided to join season 5 of the series. show that promises to make them a stronger couple or tear them apart.

As the couples begin to get comfortable (physically, not emotionally), Walberg strikes up a little chat before dropping some bombshells.

After walking around the room to see where everyone is at with what’s to come, Walberg shares a few words of encouragement before moving on.

“I always hope you can trust the process because if you do, that experience will give you the answer you’re looking for,” he said. “It’s going to give you clarity in your relationship and you’re going to leave the island with a better understanding of who you are and what you want.”

Everyone toasts to the next chapter of their journey before the games really begin. And they may not be ready for whatever is to come, so drink up!

Night falls – time for the bonfire!

temptation island
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“Your journey starts here. And your journey is going to end here at the bonfire,” Walberg said.

“But I think it’s important that you keep in mind that the person you came to the island with, the person who’s sitting next to you right now, the other person from your soul until may not be the person you leave this island with.

Going from couple to couple to get inside information about why they decided to sign up for this experience, each of the couples shared something personal that led them on this journey. From cheating to insecurities to immaturity, everyone had a reason for wanting this adventure to help them decide how to move forward.

Kaitlin and the Island of Temptation Hall
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“TI” has their very first engaged couple this season!

Kaitlin explained that she and Hall have been engaged for over a year, but she hasn’t planned a wedding yet and doesn’t really understand why she’s stalling.

The two have been together for eight years, but broke up three years later, then got back together just over a year later.

Hall then dropped a truth bombshell on his fiancée saying he broke up with her because he wanted to date other women. She did not know this important information.

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For Roberto and Vanessa, a big age gap seems like a major issue, but there’s a lot to unpack here.

“I have the right to have my standards and he has to figure out whether he’s willing to live up to them or not,” she said. Walberg then said something that caused him to exclaim loudly, “Ouch.”

“But is it a work in progress that you have to model or is it an equal partner in a relationship who will be husband and wife at some point?” Walberg pointed out.

Christopher and Mariselle
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Christopher and Marisela haven’t gotten along for about two years. Marisela said their relationship was a “roller coaster with ups and downs”.

Christopher added that they both had strong personalities and found it difficult to meet in the middle. Communication is a definite problem for these two and Marisela eventually reveals that she is afraid of being hurt by him. Next, Christopher explained in more detail what it means to get injured in this situation.

“Throughout my 20s, I called myself a respectable whore,” he said. “So I was just used to having different relationships, different situations and making that transition was hard for me.”

Paris and Greater
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On Paris and Great… Paris wants a marriage and children right away and Great is in no rush. Great explained that Paris is easily triggered and anything he says can sometimes come across as being aggressive. Paris also revealed that he cheated on her more than once.

“I feel like if you care about me, if you love me the way you say you do, why would you allow me to come to ‘Temptation Island? “, He said defensively.

Shots fired! Sounds like trouble is already brewing with these two.

Warming things up a bit for Season 5

Mark L. Walberg
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Once the couples were done opening up to Walberg so he could better understand what brought them all to the island, it was time to call it quits. This is usually when couples say goodbye and retire to their villas, but instead something different was about to happen.

“Tonight I want you to tune in,” Walberg revealed. “Then you will go back to the men’s villa and all stay together.”

Once the couples were all in the men’s villa, Vanessa let it be known that she was restless. The rain triggered her because of her hair and the drama began.

Bickering with Roberto, she made sure he knew, “I’d rather be alone than put up with mediocre effort and standards.”

After sharing a few words, Roberto said that Vanessa can never be wrong and “will be crazy until the day she dies before she admits defeat”, so he apologized, and they kissed and hugged. reconciled before going to bed.

And so the intensity builds before the real drama joins the party.

New day, new drama

temptation island
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Now is the time for singles to step in and spice things up a bit.

“It’s time to meet the people you’re going to live with, who you’re going to date. Who you could potentially fall in love with,” exclaimed Walberg. And on the march 16 singles ready to mingle and find their new love. It seems that some already have their sights set on specific targets.

Walberg then dropped an interesting couples bombshell about something new this season.

“We do things differently, so you can expect the unexpected,” he said. “For the first time in ‘Temptation Island’ history, we’re having a party where all singles and all couples are together.”

temptation island
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Jealousy, flirtation and drama have just entered the room. As couples mingled with singles, it was pretty clear to see trouble lurking just around the corner.

Before the episode ended, Christopher and Maricela shared some interesting tidbits about their relationship with some of the singles.

When asked if Maricela wanted children, Christopher didn’t hesitate to say that she wanted something else. Feeling cornered, Maricela opened up and revealed that she wanted a sister wife and was attracted to women.

She explained that no one, not even her family, knows this juicy information. But where does it get these two now that the betrayal has entered the chat.

“He used my story to communicate with other women,” she said. “I really don’t know how I feel.

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