Engage Kiss: What’s the Deal With the Mayor’s Kid?

Mikhail Hachisuka, the Bayron City mayor’s kid, is determined to toss his weight about in Engage Kiss – but he’ll pay the price one way or another.

Engage Kiss is a new activity/journey anime production its launching in the Summer 2022 season, and it features greater than a couple of colorful personalities in its ever-expanding lineup. That consists of the obnoxious blonde boy Mikhail Hachisuka, kid of Bayron City’s mayor. He will not let any individual forget that for also a minute.

The self-important Mikhail has not accomplished a whole lot so far in Engage Kiss, and he is certainly not a boxer. But personalities such as him are determined to leave their note on culture, and if Mikhail can’t do it with his smug words, perhaps he can do it with his activities — but this will most likely lead to calamity.

The Vain Arrogance of Mikhail Hachisuka In Engage Kiss

Since Episode 4 in Engage Kiss, the pompous Mikhail has used words alone to try and excite every person and toss his weight about as not simply the mayor’s kid, but also the pupil council head of state of his senior high school. In previously episodes, Mikhail aimed to excite the pink-haired Kisara and her female classmates just to be delicately but strongly turned down. After that in Episode 4, Mikhail pestered protagonist Ogata Shu and talked unwell of him.

Mikhail has taken it after himself to safeguard Kisara and care for her — a support that Kisara herself didn’t request for — and Mikhail has no worry entering Shu’s face about it. He is outraged that the apparently reckless Shu is Kisara’s friend and assumes she is too helpful for him. Mikhail also prompted Shu to leave Bayron City totally, offering in order to help pay the expenditures if need be. Shu, of course, decreased.

Not just is Mikhail highly pompous and nosy, but he also has small stalker propensities. He and Kisara aren’t adversaries or strangers, however, she appears uneasy with his activities as her self-appointed guard and the partnership appears instead one-sided. In a comparable blood vessel, Mikhail in some way knows where Shu and Kisara live, and in Episode 4 he approached them the minute they tipped outside — without being welcomed. The arrogant Mikhail assumes everything is his business, that he can welcome himself right into people’s individual lives and beginning evaluating or criticizing them freely. It is horrible actions to say the the very least, and Mikhail might take it to the next degree quickly.

How Mikhail Could Rise Points Right into A Calamity

Thus far, Engage Kiss hasn’t already offered a clear sign that Mikhail will do anything even worse compared to pester Kisara and Shu. But the opportunity exists, and offered his aggressive and self-important actions — and also staying in his mayor father’s darkness — he’ll probably do something radical quickly. In the real world and fiction alike, restless young males and females that live in their parents’ or senior siblings’ darkness are determined to verify their well worth and stick out in some way, or make a vibrant relocate to say “This is me, and I am here!” Protagonists will do this in a wholesome and positive way, but antagonists and annoying side personalities such as Mikhail are vulnerable to taking points too much from large arrogance or anxiety.

Mikhail is messing with a set of Satanic force seekers, and as the mayor’s kid he probably knows the fact of Satanic forces and D-disasters. Mikhail is used to obtaining points his way and desires everything to have to do with him, so it is most likely he will aim to one-up excite Kisara and Shu. He could make an agreement with a Satanic force to eliminate the forces of evil, or he might also undermine Shu to encourage Kisara to desert him. Offered Mikhail’s rate of passions thus far, the last appears more than likely. Mikhail desires Shu to leave his precious Kisara’s life and has the power making it take place many thanks to his city federal government links.

Also if Mikhail efficiently messes up Shu however, it will probably finish in calamity. Not just would certainly Kisara be enraged at Mikhail’s activities, the scenario could transform lethal and reveal him as the reckless troublemaker he is. Whatever may take place, it appears highly most likely to impact up in Mikhail’s face; arrogant schemers such as him have the tendency to pay the price for their minor ambitions. If Mikhail is clever, he will simply avoid all this and mind his own business at college, where he has a lot of prestige as the pupil council head of state. That should suffice for him.

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