‘Emergency Declaration’: Telling Terrorist Threats on Airplane


As a big fan of Mr. Sunshine, my heart is at a crossroads. The main couple of Korean dramas that aired in 2017, Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byung Hun, have films that are both currently showing in Indonesian cinemas. Alienoid and Emergency Declaration have to admit they have an equally interesting trailer.

However, I still have other things to do during Alienoid’s airtime. So, yes, I ended up watching the Emergency Declaration. I dare say, I don’t regret watching it.

Virus terror in the air

Actually, the theme of this film is not much different from what we have experienced more than the last two years. A new terror virus that has no known cure. What made it even more tense was that the deployment took place on an airplane with the number KI501 bound for Honolulu, Hawaii. The situation is exacerbated by air circulation which is still using the old system.

I don’t know where Han Jae Rim got this brilliant idea. The spread of the virus is nothing new in South Korean cinema. Call it The Flu (2013) and Train to Busan (2016) which had hits during its broadcast. However, the involvement of the spreader of the virus succeeded in making me—and perhaps other viewers—angry.

Therefore, this review movies is also a form of my appreciation for Im Siwan, who has played Ryu Jin Seok, the virus spreader, very well. Also, his English is hella good! This handsome actor incarnated as a psychopath who was desperate for his life. If I get a chance to meet him, I’d love to congratulate him again and again for having managed to annoy me to the max!

The family man is the hero

When I was a child, I had a big question, why are humans required to be smart and kind? However, my hobbies are watching and reading slowly. The Emergency Declaration also contributed a great answer that satisfied my curiosity.

Park Jae Hyuk (Lee Byung Hun) was originally just an ordinary passenger. He wants to go to Hawaii so that his daughter, Soo Min (Kim Bo Min), who suffers from eczema, gets better quality air. However, the crisis situation on the plane slowly reveals its true identity. Towards the end of the film, he becomes a very meritorious character.

It’s different with Detective In Ho (Song Kang Ho), the man is determined to steel. Apart from the demands of the profession, he worked hard on land, so that his wife, who was one of the passengers, could land again. He is also one of the key figures who have a big role.

Thick with human values

Here, the character played by Song Kang Ho reminds me of the film A Taxi Driver (2017) which he also starred in. A brave man with high human instincts. This Chungmuro ​​actor also has a personal perspective on this, you know, Bela!

“In life, we will face disasters that shouldn’t happen, whether they are small or big. However, I think the most important thing here is how we process them and try to get through them. This film has a message about what should be the most important. we value during the process,” he said in an interview with The Korea Times.

One thing I really regret, the severity of this mysterious virus is inconsistent, especially towards the end of the story. In some patients, the effects of this virus seem so dramatic. Meanwhile, some others are just fine. I was so skeptical. However, I understand that if everyone had to die, the plot wouldn’t be as exciting as this.