Don’t Do This When Playing Wind Instruments


If you are interested in learning to play a wind instrument, you can visit a musical instrument store near your house. In this shop, you will be able to find various types, so you just have to choose one. For example, such as the flute, piano, saxophone, harmonica, and several other types. Or, nowadays there are many who sell it online. So, buying this musical instrument is not difficult.

Well, after buying it, surely you will immediately look for various information about the correct way to play it. Well, you’re so excited to learn to play it, you’re more focused on finding quick learning tips than looking for info about what not to do with wind instruments. In fact, this is very important, because this mistake can not only make wind instruments easily damaged, but can also affect health.
What is it that can’t be done? And what are the consequences if this is done? Consider the following points.

Drink sweet before playing

After you consume a sweet drink, usually there will still be a remnant of the sweet water mixed with saliva (saliva). When you play this instrument, it is possible that this mixed saliva will come out and will eventually stick to your instrument. This can make it difficult for you to clean it.

Eat while playing

Playing a musical instrument, and then interspersed with eating snacks. This is also highly discouraged. Similar to the first point, when you blow your instrument there is a possibility that crumbs will enter the instrument. If you do it often, it could be that over time these crumbs will accumulate and make the sound of your musical instrument change.

Leaving it after playing

It’s best if you clean your instrument immediately after playing it. No need to clean it by disassembling it, you can clean it by wiping the surface of the musical instrument and then storing it again. However, for a musical instrument such as a piano, it may be easier to clean it. You can flush the piano hose and then hang it until all the water in the hose is dry.

Play it alternately

Never lend your wind instrument to someone else. Remember, the mouth can be a medium of transmission of several diseases. So, don’t ever do this, even to a relative.