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Disney’s Goku Appearance With 3D Animation Style

Disney’s Goku Appearance With 3D Animation Style

Who doesn’t know Son Goku? The character created by comic artist Akira Toriyama first appeared in the Dragon Ball comic in 1984. Thanks to the popularity of the comic, in 1986, Toei Animation adapted the story into an anime of the same name. Since then, this character has become famous throughout the world, even now. There are so many Dragon Ball anime shows that still involve characters, including the latest film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Throughout its history, Goku has gone through many phases in the Dragon Ball franchise. After marrying the demon king’s son, Chi-Chi, Goku has two Saiyan children, namely Gohan and Goten. Now he has even become a grandfather to his grandson named Pan, the son of Gohan. However, long before all that happened, he also had a cute appearance, as a small child with a monkey tail behind him. Interestingly, recently an illustrator again tried to illustrate the little Goku character with a 3D animation style.

Goku Looks Cute With 3D Animation Style

The pictures above are the work of an illustrator named Joshua Van Rose. He recently shared this image on his personal Twitter and ArtStation accounts. This is more or less what little Goku looks like in 3D. He was still wearing his blue martial arts attire, complete with wrist guards and boots. Beside it is a dragon ball which is the origin of the title Dragon Ball. This little Goku also looks like he is still carrying his flagship stick like when Akira Toriyama introduced his character.

What’s interesting about Van Rose’s work is that we can see what it would be like if Goku’s hair was drawn in a 3D animation style. The details of her hair are straight, but messy at the back and top. Not a few Twitter users have praised the Goku 3D design from Van Rose. Because maybe they think this is how Goku should look in 3D.

Along with the revelation of this image, not a few fans also felt that this design was very worthy of appearing on Disney shows. In 2019, when the House of Mouse company acquired 20th Century Fox, they also got the rights to show Dragon Ball. So that in the future it is not impossible for them to realize Dragon Ball shows with this design.