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Denzel Washington at Ryan Reynolds Reflects On Accidentally

Ryan Reynolds reflects on thinking his career was over after accidentally giving Denzel Washington two black eyes while shooting the movie Safe House. Ryan Reynolds recalls thinking his career was over after he accidentally hit Denzel Washington during the shooting of Safe House. Reynolds in recent years has ascended to the top of the Hollywood heap as the star of big blockbuster movies like Deadpool and Free Guy. Washington meanwhile continues to build his reputation as one of the world’s most respected actors while still sprinkling in occasional action movie forays like The Equalizer.

But back in 2012 Reynolds and Washington saw their paths cross when they both starred in the action-packed thriller movie Safe House. Directed by Morbius helmer Daniel Espinosa, the film starred Reynolds as a CIA officer charged with looking over Washington’s veteran operative, who is accused of betraying the agency. As the movie is an action thriller, the titular safe house is soon attacked by mercenaries, sending Reynolds and Washington on the run. Thankfully Washington was apparently a pro about being hit in the eye by Reynolds as he simply soldiered on shooting the movie. In one way the end result was arguably not worth the pain though, as Safe House holds only a 53% score on Rotten Tomatoes and is largely forgotten ten years after its release. But at the time the movie was actually a reasonable-sized hit, grossing $208 million at the box office probably mostly due to the star power of Reynolds and Washington. So perhaps for that reason Washington didn’t mind taking one – or two – for the team.

Reynolds has gone on to become one of the most bankable stars in the world, headlining huge blockbusters like Deadpool and Detective Pikachu. So it’s safe to say his mishap with Washington didn’t hurt his career at all, despite his initial worries. Washington meanwhile continues to get nominated for Oscars, snagging one last year for his role in The Tragedy of Macbeth. Perhaps somewhere down the road Reynolds and Washington will have occasion to reunite on-screen in either a prestige film or an action movie. But hopefully if they do get back together for a Safe House reunion, Reynolds will be able to keep his body under control and not do anymore damage to Washington’s person.

New Jordan Peele Movie Connection Get Nope Poster

A new poster edit imagines a connection between Jordan Peele’s Nope and his 2017 hit Get Out, with Daniel Kaluuya’s characters sharing similarities. A new fan edit to the Nope movie poster imagines a connection to writer/director Jordan Peele’s other movie, Get Out. Released in 2017, Get Out quickly established Peele as one of the most exciting up-and-coming horror directors working today. Peele’s debut film was widely praised for its creative premise and its deconstruction of systemic racism in America, and, after 2019’s Us, he is set to return to the horror genre once more with his highly anticipated film Nope. While much of Nope’s story remains shrouded in mystery, trailers have hinted that the film may involve the arrival of aliens to Earth.

Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya has reunited with Peele once more for Nope, starring as OJ Haywood, a rancher and Hollywood horse trainer. Trailers have teased that Haywood and his sister, played by Keke Palmer, will experience a host of abnormal events at their isolated California ranch, including the arrival of what appears to be aliens in a flying saucer. In addition to Kaluuya and Palmer, Nope features a standout cast, including Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Steven Yeun, Wrenn Schmidt, Keith David, and Barbie Ferreira, among others. Rahal Nejraoui on Instagram, the latest Nope movie poster imagines that the film could have a connection to Get Out. The poster features Get Out’s Chris above Nope’s OJ, with the characters looking up (and down) at each other. Although there’s been no official confirmation of a connection between the two films, the new edited poster does suggest that there might be something to the idea.

Quentin Tarantino makes no secret of the fact that all of his movies take place in the same universe, something that could potentially be the case for Peele as well. Of course, Get Out and Us share no discernable connections, potentially casting doubt on that theory, but the individual posters highlighting Kaluuya for Get Out and Nope both feature the actor looking up, an interesting similarity. It’s also possible, however, that this is merely a coincidence. It remains to be seen if there will be any connections between Chris Washington and OJ Haywood, or between Get Out and Nope in general, but the fan-edited poster speaks to the greater mystery surrounding Peele’s upcoming sci-fi horror. Much like Us, the marketing for Nope has left much up to the imagination, meaning fan theories can run wild as far as what the actual film will be about and what surprises may be in store for audiences. Fans of Peele don’t have much longer to wait to find out, with Nope scheduled to hit theaters on July 22.

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