DC Confirms Superman’s Return!

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After a long absence it seems Superman will be back soon. Superman himself is one of the DC icons whose fans continue to increase until now. This can happen thanks to the appearance of his character in various popular DC stories, DCEU is no exception. Where Henry Cavill first played his character in the Man of Steel film and the last time he looked stunning in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Unfortunately, at this time his fate became unclear, After 4 film in italiano as well as the comic characters.

While his fate in the DCEU is never known whether Cavill will reprise his role or not, the comics at least have an easier story to follow. Where Clark was last seen leaving Earth and leaving all his duties to Jon Kent, his first child from Lois Lane. This was deliberately done by Clark because he had to find the alien Mongul dictator who again enslaved many alien races in the ‘Warworld Saga’ story. With his story almost over, not a few fans are curious about Clark’s next fate.

Superman Returns to DC Comics

Through his personal Twitter account, DC writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson finally answered this curiosity. Where he tweeted, One Piece Film Red in italiano “Psst. Confidential. For those of you who think I brought Superman to Warworld to avoid Lois, her superfamily, the Daily Planet, and so on. I can’t wait to bring it back soon. Kal-El definitely returns [to Earth] in Action Comics #1047.”

Along with this announcement, he tweeted a number of preview images showing Superman lifting a car above his head. Dragon Ball Super Hero film in italiano Then there is also another picture showing the reunion between Superman and his wife Lois Lane, as you can see in the picture above. And also some other classic images that hint at Superman’s return.

With this announcement now we at least no longer have to worry about Superman’s fate. Bullet train film in italiano Because in the near future he will finally return to Earth to meet Lois and her super family. Action Comics #1047 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson will be released on September 27 tomorrow. Let’s just wait for the fun, geeks.