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Classic Thor Adventure In The MCU

Thor only became an Avenger after he had been banished to Earth, but the MCU has revealed many of his and Loki’s past adventures and moments of glory. The MCU has hinted at many classic adventures of the mighty Thor, most recently in Thor: Love and Thunder. In 2011, Marvel Studios introduced a new dimension of superheroism by revealing that at least one of the ancient pantheons was real: the Asgardians. Initially, the MCU seemed undecided whether to consider them gods or simply ancient aliens, with Thor claiming to come from a realm where science and magic were one and the same thing. Marvel has become more confident as the years have passed, and now it’s clear Thor and the Asgardians are numbered among many gods and pantheons in the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder, the Odinson was taken into battle by his mother Frigga when he was just a baby. Thor must have been recognizable for at least a thousand years, given he served as inspiration for the Norse legends — or, perhaps, they served to bestow him life, given how Moon Knight hinted faith is the power that drives the gods. Thor earned a reputation as a skilled and capable warrior, participating in countless battles and proving his heroism across the Nine Realms. And yet, for all that’s the case, the Thor of legend is most certainly not the same hero seen in the MCU, for the Asgardian prince only learned his most important lesson in the first movie.

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Thor Is Now Very Close To Being As Powerful As MCU’s Odin was one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, and Thor: Love and Thunder suggests that Thor might now be close to matching him. Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s very easy to say that Thor is close to being as powerful as Odin, if not even more powerful. While Odin wasn’t very active in the MCU, he was still regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, if only because he had long since had that status in the comics. One specific power contributed a lot to that, and Thor’s possible connection to that power is what might end up putting him above Odin.

One of the most powerful abilities of Odin is the power to harness the Odinforce, a mystical force of energy exclusive to whoever is the king of Asgard. The exact abilities and limitations of the Odinforce haven’t been clarified, but one notable moment from the comic book story Blood and Thunder had Odin fending off Thanos and the Silver Surfer at the same time, so it’s clear that the Odinforce makes Odin one of the most powerful characters in the comics. While the Odinforce hasn’t been explicitly addressed in the MCU, the Odinsleep is a side-effect of it, so Odin still having the Odinsleep on occasion suggests that the Odinforce exists in the MCU. This, in turn, would suggest how powerful MCU Odin is, as it appears his powers in the movie universe are on par with his comic self.

The Odinforce is one of the most powerful abilities in the Marvel universe, and it’s why Thor might now be at Odin’s level in the MCU. In Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor has shown off the ability to enchant and empower people and objects – first when he accidentally enchanted Mjolnir to protect Jane, and later when he shared his power with the Asgardian children in the final fight against Gorr the God Butcher. The reason that’s important is that being able to enchant people and objects is one of the abilities of the Odinforce, so Thor being able to do it suggests that he’s inherited the Odinforce and can potentially be as powerful as Odin, if not more powerful.

Thor, a reckless decision on the God of Thunder’s part prompted Odin to banish Thor to Earth. This is why Thor, for all his age, should not be considered the oldest Avenger; he only became a true superhero due to his experience of humanity, during the events of his first solo feature. Still, Thor Odinson is known to have experienced a number of classic adventures within the MCU before he came crashing into the life of Dr. Jane Foster and learned some much-needed humility. The list includes stories from the official MCU movies, TV shows, and even a tie-in comic.

Marvel’s What If…? episode 7 saw the Watcher — essentially an omniscient narrator in the MCU — introduce viewers to an alternate timeline where Thor was an only child. He contrasted this with the main MCU timeline, presenting some flashbacks to show Loki and Thor’s historic relationship in the 616 universe. One beautiful piece of art showed a young Loki using the Casket of Ancient Winters in Odin’s treasure vault, freezing his brother in place.

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