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Buying Trophies At The Fact Music Awards 2022, RM’s Humble Speech Makes Fans Touched

Buying Trophies At The Fact Music Awards 2022, RM’s Humble Speech Makes Fans Touched

BTS managed to win the Daesang or the highest award at The Fact Music Awards 2022 for 5 years in a row and promised to be honest like the group they used to be. On October 8, The Fact Music Awards 2022 took place in Seoul and was attended by K-pop celebrities.

After winning seven awards including the Daesang, RM gave the acceptance speech on behalf of the group. “I see so many cool artists in front of us and honestly I’m not sure if we appear cooler and better than them. So I’m very humble but we try to think that this is the result of you showing love, gratitude and feelings Sincerely for our performances for the last 10 years,” said the leader.

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“First of all, you all worked hard and well, to be honest, I want to say what’s on our minds for the many things that have happened as we used to. But given the circumstances, I can’t for now. I believe a lot things will be arranged and hope we can get back to our honest selves soon.” “I’ll just stop here for now. And we’ll show everything we know do well on October 15 in Busan, we’ve been practicing every day. So please look forward to it and once again, thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, BTS won the Global Fan N Star, Fan N Star Choice group and individual categories for Jin, LG U+ Plus Popularity Award, Fan N Star Most Voted, Bonsang and Daesang in TMA 2022. Making them the only group to win Daesang for five consecutive years at this event.

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“As our President RM should speak well, he is very humble, he gives praise to other artists at this awards ceremony. Best Leader of the Best Leader in the K-Pop Industry KIM NAMJOON. Congratulations to our 7 Kings,” commented netter. “It’s nice to be able to support them from start to finish,” said another. “Congrats Kings! ARMY partying all night with others,” concluded another.

Win 2 Cups, PSY Quotes Suga BTS’s Sentences In His Speech

The Fact Music Awards (TMA) 2022 announced the winners on Saturday (8/10). In the award event, there was a slight interaction between PSY and Suga BTS. PSY brought home at least 2 trophies at TMA 2022. The “Gangnam Style” singer successfully won Bonsang and Hot Stage of The Year. When giving his victory speech, PSY showed friendship with Suga. Not only thanking him, the owner of the real name Park Jae Sang also remembered Suga’s words to him.

“Finally, thank you to the person who composed, wrote, appeared in the song and MV ‘That That’, the person who told me, ‘Hyung, we have to continue 10 more years’ and suggested a great collaboration for me, thanks to Min Yoongi,” PSY said.

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As is known, PSY has released the hit song “That That” in collaboration with Suga. Previously, PSY had revealed that Suga was the reason why he returned to the music industry and performed in front of many people. Considering the last few years PSY has been busy building his agency P Nation.

“I was driven by it, the young blood of the musician. We worked together, it was fun and I thought, ‘Yeah, this is music; this is what I’ve been doing since I was young.’ When I saw what he did, his improvisation, and his enthusiasm, I was really influenced by him,” PSY said some time ago. Meanwhile, PSY stumbled on a number of controversies some time ago. His domestic tour “Soak Show SUMMER SWAG 2022” was criticized for being held in the midst of a drought.

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Some time ago, P Nation as PSY’s agency was investigated by the local police for a case of alleged violation of the Law and Industrial Health. The agency has come under fire for the death of an unidentified Mongolian worker during the “Soak Show SUMMER SWAG 2022” festival.

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