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Boruto: The Timeskip Will Happen Again?

Boruto: The Timeskip Will Happen Again?

One of the things that Boruto: Naruto Next Generation fans are looking forward to right now is the timeskip moment. They were waiting for that moment considering the current Boruto storyline was too slow. In addition, Boruto also seems to have just mastered or just been able to use the power of Karma. The appearance of this timeskip is also related to what happened at the beginning of the series.

As we know, at the beginning of the Boruto series, Anime series it appears that Kawaki and Uzumaki Boruto are standing on the ruins of Konoha. They fought each other. There is still no information what later became the cause of the fight. And even then, we don’t even know who is “bad” and who is “good.” If geeks notice, their age at that moment is already teenagers to adults.

Based on this, many fans then speculated that maybe, like the transition from the Naruto series to Shippuden, Boruto will experience the same thing. There will be timeskip moments where Boruto and Team 7 as well as other young shinobi experience a power up. And at that moment, there are many epic moments happening.

Coming Soon?

Many fans have predicted that this timeskip moment itself will happen in the near future. We can see this from some of the clues in the story, as it appeared in chapter 73 yesterday. In the chapter, we saw how Team 7 with Kawaki and Sumire got a new mission that was very big and dangerous.

They are tasked with overseeing Eida and Daemon who will come to Konoha. In addition, they are also tasked with keeping an eye on Boruto and Kawaki if at any time they go on a rampage. What’s unique is that it’s Kawaki and Boruto’s job to live under the same roof as Eida. Even so, Shikamaru explained that the main purpose of this mission was surveillance.

So, what does this mission have to do with the timeskip? There is a speculation that while carrying out this surveillance mission there was chaos. Or in other words there are unexpected things that then appear. One of its potentials is the emergence of Code and his Jyuubi troops. Loss of life is inevitable in this case, and Boruto and Kawaki themselves feel guilty about it.

They then decided to strengthen and learn more about the Karma that is within them. However, they did so outside of Konoha. Another speculation states that there is a possibility that Boruto will meet Kashin Koji, who will then train Boruto in many ways like Jiraiya and Naruto first.

Apart from yesterday’s chapter 73, the previous chapter is also considered a clue about the appearance of the timeskip in the near future. In chapter 72, Hinata seems sad to see Boruto having to leave after what happened earlier. He was sad because he thought Boruto might never come back. However, the child himself assured that he was fine.

Momoshiki’s Divination

However, what became a concern later was how Momoshiki reappeared in that chapter. He laughed at Boruto’s promise to return home, which was something that was unlikely to happen. Momoshiki again reminded that there was a bad prediction about Boruto that would happen, which made him unable to return home.

Momoshiki himself said that he really couldn’t do anything right now. However, it was only a matter of time before all his moments came. And when that happened, Momoshiki immediately launched into action. Momoshiki also predicts another terrible thing where Boruto’s blue eyes will bring great destruction.

Many fans predict that Konoha’s destruction is the moment of what Momoshiki previously foretold. So, in essence, looking at the various clues in the last few chapters it seems that the theory that the timeskip will happen in the near future will actually happen. Kishimoto and Ikemoto may not want to rush to end the Boruto series or even this arc. However, sooner or later the timeskip will happen.

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